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Oh gosh... about me... I'm not good at filling these things out
I guess we can start with 10 facts about me?

1. I'm 23 cat_3nodding
2. I'm 5'7, so I'm pretty tall for a girl
3. I have very long brown hair
4. My eyes are hazel emotion_kirakira
5. I have 6 piercings!
6. I'm in graduate school
7. I usually wear black, but I also love sparkle and neon
8. I'm single xp
9. I love music, almost any kind
10. I'm usually a very friendly person, so message me!!!

Hope this was at least a bit interesting cat_4laugh

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U O ME 129 Report | 04/01/2013 8:24 pm
U O ME 129
Nice Profile smile
Aitan Liran Report | 03/06/2013 7:56 am
Aitan Liran
Oi oi, whats up face.
Aitan Liran Report | 12/27/2012 5:50 pm
Aitan Liran
cool avi
Aquatica-Akumi Report | 07/19/2012 9:03 am
Thanks for buying :3
cutiiebutts Report | 07/18/2012 2:02 pm
Thanks for buying from me dearie! heart
Visit my store again some time. <3
Aitan Liran Report | 03/22/2012 8:42 am
Aitan Liran
hey you =]
Aitan Liran Report | 03/16/2012 11:09 pm
Aitan Liran
love it. a bit cheesy but cute love. i cant find my phone charger though -.-'
Aitan Liran Report | 03/16/2012 11:03 pm
Aitan Liran
hello. its 2:03am and guess who loves you!
Aitan Liran Report | 03/04/2012 10:56 am
Aitan Liran
i could... maybe~<3 is it a bit ridiculous that we do this? sit right across from each other and type stuff on each others wall? why do we do it? because we can dur!
Aitan Liran Report | 02/26/2012 10:04 pm
Aitan Liran
hey love. get on an make some moneh!