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I am the Rachel. biggrin
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Well, I moved into my own apt, so I can't get on as often anymore. crying No internets for me yet! *sob*

My NEW DREAM AVI!!! hehehe

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Total Value: 3,691,647 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Archangel's Blade
Midnight Gothic Bat Boots
Black Drome Egg
Silent Night

Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Drystan's Petals
Actaeon's Blessing
Pudgie the Sparrow
Reve Rouille 3rd Gen.
Wed to Darkness

Another Dream avi!! lol cool...
User Image
Total Value: 1,199,841 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Achromatic Apocaripped Pants
Dog Tags

White Drome Egg
Neutral Starter Surfer Girl Flip-Flops

Red Riding Hood
Brown And Black Reversible Bracelets
Lyndexer's Journal
Tomo's Basket
Tomo's Basket
Liam's Tank

Dream avi's are kinda fun.. who knew? o.0

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Total Value: 263,828 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Giant Syringe
Midori Cache Shades
Green Work Gloves
Fitted Olive Tshirt
Green Yellow Flame Spiral Back Tattoo
Cool Female Goth Starter Boots
Leafy Tavern Wench's Bustier
Green Bio-Mask
Hypnotic Green Raving Goggles
Radioactive Apocaripped Pants
Forest Puft Jacket
Green Deluxe Holiday Legwarmers
Gogh Reed 6th Gen.

OMG (since dec. 07)
xXMoonlight-LullabyXx gave me the Imperial Queen!! xd
halabred- black and gold bracelets. <3
sage_the_soul_less- tuga, wild things, and some gold!
kitsune-ghost- fox ears!!! ack!
bluehoodedsquirrel- a death mood bubble!! egads!!
seshy sent me a herme's moon!!! holy crap!!
Olettes Nobody gave me a go phone!!!
ccbandit gave me 2 letters. w00tness. xd
hollygirl62879 gave me a Coal Black Tavern Wench's Blouse whee
Animus Erratus gave me a Fausto's bottle 6th gen!!!
Halabred gave me a saki hyotan tokkuri!!!
Kitsune-Ghost gave me a ninja sword and a scar of the tyrant!!
Rikuxsaku gave me a bikers jacket!!
PC Chaos1 gave me ian's hat and silent night! OMG!
SublimeChild gave me a kokeshi kimono!! THANK YOU!!
thankies to everyone!!!

Let's see... where to start...
I'm 19, slightly paranoid with some odd ocd's, I'm strange, loud, random, lazy-yet-hardworking (don't ask me how that works. lol), dependant yet independant, deep thinking, shy yet outgoing, I keep to myself yet I can't stop helping people and making new friends, I'm selfish yet giving, harsh yet kind, creative yet unimaginitive, stuborn yet easy-going, label-less weirdo who can't stop from just being me.
Addicted to video games. (rpg's and arcade shooters; along with gh and a few fighter's)
Stuck on ramen and energy drinks (Rockstar- Pomegranate and orange-flavored, Amp- both, Sobe- Adrenalin Rush, Full Throttle- Orange, Bawls, and Who's Your Daddy).
Luver of metal, j-rock, techno, or other loud music with a good beat.
Crazy over novels, manga, anime, and writing my own stories.
Can't live without Fight Club, Invader Zim, Lenore, vampire's, and ninja'z.
'Bible's' include stories by:: Darren Shan, Anthony Horowitz, Anne Rice, Garth Nix, or other such odd stories. *jigs*
One of my new favorite hobbies is Paintballing. biggrin
I'm hoping to go to college and get meh degree so I can go on to become a trained librarian. And if I'm really f'ing lucky I hope to get a book or two published. Wish me luck. stare
Favorite Characters include L from Death Note and Gaara from Naruto. (eh. so sue me. stare )

gaian family:
little brother-spacecowboy` whee
older brother- messed_up_world xd
little brother-erivel_tenshu
kitty-Kijaro (RIP)
little brother-Latent Visibility (RIP)
little brother-Takashi28
older brother- Halabred eek
little brother- Donte Leonheart
little brother- Creator of The Universe
older brother- CCbandit

To those who have died, we may not have met in real life, but the pain is still the same. I'm sorry I could not make it to any funeral's, but tears were still shed. You will not be forgotten. Friends forever, right..?

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"What you end up doing," the mechanic says, "is you spend your life searching for a father and God." "What you have to consider," he says, "is the possibility that God doesn't like you. Could be, God hates us. This is not the worst thing that can happen." how Tyler saw it was that getting God's attention for being bad was better than getting no attention at all. Maybe because God's hate it better than his indifference. If you could be either God's worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose? We are God's middle children, according to Tyler Durden, with no special place in history and no special attention.

-Fight Club

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Cool lipstick.


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It's from a candycane. -_-