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Sephiroth v.s. Cloud

Sephiroth: On your knees. I want you to beg for forgiveness.

Sephiroth: Your geostigma is gone... That's too bad.

Cloud: Sephiroth, what do you want?

Sephiroth: The last thoughts of Geostigma's death... those remnants will join the lifestream and girdle the planet; choking it; corroding it. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the cosmos with this planet as my vessel. Just as Mother did long ago. then one day we'll find a new planet and on it's soil we'll create a shining future.

Cloud: What about this planet?

Sephiroth: Well... That's up to you, Cloud.

Cloud: Stay where you belong; in my memories!

Sephiroth: I will... never be a memory!

Sephiroth: Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away.

Cloud: You just don't get it. There isn't a thing I don't cherish!

Sephiroth: I've thought of a wonderful present for you... Shall I give you despair?

Sephiroth: [amused] Oh! Where did you find *this* strength?

Cloud: I'm not about to tell you.


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Internet Slayer Report | 12/01/2013 12:01 am
Internet Slayer
jk ur nice even though i dont really know u 3nodding
Internet Slayer Report | 12/01/2013 12:00 am
Internet Slayer
i hate u, u whore emotion_donotwant emotion_awesome 3nodding
MuffyofForgetMeNot Report | 09/22/2013 7:56 am
yukinari nagashi Report | 05/23/2012 8:42 am
yukinari nagashi
sephiroth, i am not totally new, yet my restart has disabled me. you have my gratitude. we shall have a game of points sometime soon, you set the kill limit, and first one to kill that many in zomg will have to buy the other a good item..... are you game? i will return prepared if so...... hahahahaha! twisted twisted twisted ninja ninja ninja whee twisted ninja
Sweet Strawberry Kittie Report | 05/16/2012 2:46 pm
Sweet Strawberry Kittie
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Amuto Lvr Report | 05/15/2012 7:15 am
Amuto Lvr
I see you met Wendy right? :she's a shy girl but even if you rape her she can beat you
Amuto Lvr Report | 05/01/2012 5:48 pm
Amuto Lvr
I'm a Chrstian crying crying crying crying crying crying
Amuto Lvr Report | 04/27/2012 8:04 pm
Amuto Lvr
There was in an anime there was cats tht have wings the Queen was hiding tht she only had one wing so she is weaker than the other Exceeds thts why they wwar shocked so the other Exceeds were stronger than the Queen razz just a one winged angel they are like God like Angels smile but cats XD
Wolf_Imbri Report | 04/25/2012 2:52 pm
Aya, I'm in and out of the house so often today it isn't worth trying to Meebo me today, I kid you not. I'm making my fourth... oh god, fifth trip out in five mins. *facepalm* Anywho what's up?
latissa Report | 04/20/2012 7:59 am
your profile is tight! i like it! biggrin biggrin ninja ninja

I am the One-Winged Angel

Age: 30 (apx)
Birthplace: unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1" (apx)
Weapon: Masamune