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Hey guys, ya'll can call me CK (NOT CALVIN KLEIN FOR THE LAST TIME) or Sephy, or whatever else your heart desires, within reason.
I play guitar, draw, create digital art, play video games, and more but I can't be bothered putting it here.
Feel free to post here or PM me...


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Thankyou to all the people who have helped me achieve my goals!

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HellsAbyss Report | 08/19/2010 3:52 pm
s**t man. My Quote is still pending.
HellsAbyss Report | 12/06/2009 7:06 pm
Haha why thank you ck heart heart

Yeah, Crash was just fun to play though xDD
I love the bosses and s**t. How they're puzzles and such.
Crash kinda made you think a little more than spyro, even if it didn't have as much depth.
HellsAbyss Report | 12/05/2009 9:33 pm
Oh and ok I see how it is.

Even though I may be the only person who looks at your profile, I'm not even included! emo You make me sad bro. crying
HellsAbyss Report | 12/05/2009 9:30 pm
Haha yeah, my FF8 Always Crashed on this one part on like, the 2nd disc. Where these three towers were attached by a bridge, every single time I went to the 2nd tower, On the bridge, the game would just freeze. I remember the first time it happened actually emo

Omg Crash Bandicoot, heart heart They were both amazing games. I gotta give it up to Spyro though, even though the graphics were literally complete s**t, that game was the s**t. Haha. First game ever owned=Brownie points as well.
HellsAbyss Report | 12/02/2009 8:02 pm
FF8 Had 4 Discs.
It somehow made it soo much funner.
FF8 was bad a**, first FF game I ever played, First FF game I ever owned. Second ever I ever played, Right under the legendary, more bad a** game, Spyro =DD
HellsAbyss Report | 12/01/2009 4:05 am
s**t man. xD
And well, from what I've seen, 30 seconds on the final boss isn't a whole lot xD
Tons of people who have FF7 have the same time, if not quicker.
FF9 was pretty fun, played it once thogh
HellsAbyss Report | 11/29/2009 10:02 pm
Haha he is pretty cool. Though, I'm not a fan of Cloud, He's just like, the 3rd person the sword AND personality has been passed down to. :/

The whole storyline of the sword is boring.

Angeal, Mentor, has the sword, inspires Zack.

Zack, student becomes Mentor, receives sword, inspires Cloud.

Cloud, some infantrymen, receives sword, becomes just like Angeal and Zack.

Lol, there's not much of a storyline there. In my opinion anyways.

Though the gameplay was funnn =D

Beat it once, Got to keep lvl+stats+materia and play again thogh harder difficulty. xD Which isn't as hard as it seems.

I'm already at the end the 2nd time and could stomp the final boss in less than 30 seconds. xD

Gotta love break damage+break hp limit. <333 Hahaha
HellsAbyss Report | 11/21/2009 10:47 am

ah yeah that's understandable.
Final fantasy 7:Crisis Core. I have that game for my PSP. =DD
HellsAbyss Report | 11/19/2009 4:08 am
Damn dude, that sucks. Lol.
I never study Haha, of course I am only in High School still. Lol.
HellsAbyss Report | 11/18/2009 4:16 am
Haha it's cool man. I joined a roleplaying guild and THG, Other than that not much.
What about you bro?
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