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Once upon a time there lived a girl in a tall, tall tower in a windy, windy valley. This girl, being of the fairytale damsel variety, never grew hungry or thirsty, nor sickened and died of boredom. Instead, she would spend her days on the highest balcony, looking out at the mountains and meadows surrounding her cylindrical world and feeling the breeze play through her hair on the rare occasions she decided not to braid it.

One day, out of curiosity, she began to speak to the wind. For three days and nights she talked to the wind, giving to it anything she could think of; her likes, her dislikes, her fears, her joys, and her wonderings. And on the morning of the fourth day, the wind stopped, and on the fourth night, the wind began to blow in the opposite direction, bringing her words back to her.

But the words were so distorted from traveling over the mountains and towns that the girl didn't realize they were her own. For three days and nights, she listened to what she thought were another person's grievances and descriptions of the world, thinking them not so different from her own after all.

And so she thought that if the world outside the valley outside her tower was so boring, then maybe she could at least give this other person hope for a more interesting life. So she spoke to the wind of adventure and strange lands, and the wind spoke to her of journeys and strange people, and the cycle continued, the girl consoling herself, unwilling to hear her voice in the wind's echo.

G'day, all. My name, as you can see, is Selendra Sh'aldreth, though I have on occasion been called Radima, or Karla, or Anisette. None of these are my real names, of course~ >:3

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, gaming, listening to music, working with RPG Maker XP, and generally all manner of modern creativey stuffs. (Especially thinking. Strange philosophies and I get along WELL~ heart ) Many of my friends are also freakishly creative, so you'll see shameless advertisements for their works here, as well. =D

I like ponies. Because Friendship is Magic.

I pride myself on being open-minded and polite, though as of late my patience has been a little strained- largely my own fault, but that still means that if you come to me with something intolerably stupid, I can't guarantee my response.
And random friend requests will be ignored. I mean, come on. At least PM me first to say 'hi', so I know you can type coherently. D=

.....I dunno what else to say at the moment, so I'll just end with non-links~ xD;;

Fanfiction Account: Link coming whenever I get more than one story up there.
Deviant Art Account: Not in existence yet! ='D
Youtube Account: lolwhat's the point?


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Hae-chan Report | 12/24/2011 10:43 am
Yesh!!!! FIM ftw!
Hae-chan Report | 12/24/2011 10:36 am
Nice strategy. XD And my apologies for your game loss.
Hae-chan Report | 12/24/2011 10:26 am
Thanks for the tip! Grocery stores are hell on earth in during the holidays. XD
Kirer Report | 08/04/2011 2:30 pm
about your comment on demise
thank you *w* heart
and he is wearing a hoodie..if you wonderd what that thing on his back is.
hazelkitt Report | 07/01/2011 1:41 am
Why, thank you.
Except I only like two songs from them, I'm more into Tupac and Eminem. sweatdrop
Suddenly Pandas Report | 04/23/2011 3:56 pm
Suddenly Pandas
Like the profile, unlike others with all the pictures and info, it's not an eye sore,
nice and simple, love the theme erm background. User Image
[.Darkside.of.the.moon.] Report | 01/08/2011 10:00 am
Well, it's taken me about six years to gather all of the epic items I have, so... xD I'm reading a book about slavery written by a once-slave! :B It's quite interesting (and horrifying) actually. :3 What's up with you?
[.Darkside.of.the.moon.] Report | 01/05/2011 7:31 am
Ughh, this is what I'm saying about gaia being so nice to new people... I LOVE your avatar, it's so cute. ._.'
Hiii, by the way. heart
The_Depths_And_Skies Report | 01/04/2011 11:04 pm
*Enthusiastic wave* Hello, hello, Hello! What an... interesting avatar you own, my dear.


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