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RL Bio

Name: Syrazel
Age: 17
Birthday: June 14th, 1988
Zodiac: Gemini III, Earth Dragon
Fav. Flower: Tiger Lily, Rose
Fav. Gemstone: sapphire, emerald
Fav. Class: Social 30-1, Phys. Ed., Band, Chem.
Least Fav. Class: RELIGION, Math, English
Fav. Food.: Pepsi
Least Fav. Food: can't think of one right now
Hobbies: reading, writing, playing flute, drawing/painting, biking/hiking, fishing, planning my world takeover, gaming, RPing
Interests: gemstones, wicca, dragons, music, fantasy, anime/manga, Aerzaal, Aerzaal, Aerzaal, swords, Aerzaal, Aerzaal...etc.
Marital Status: married

OOC Avi Bio

Name: Selenael
Age: 19
Race: Elf
Job: Singer
Place of Work: Yoshimi-chan's Haven Cafe and Bar
Pets: "Nami" (on her shoulder) and "Seto" (on her head)
Dating Status: has a lover
Other: Selenael loves the punk/rock fad. Partying it up and happy/hyper all the time, she's always ready for a new day. She loves her friends unconditionally...unless they cross her quite bad, then they find out just how evil she can be...and will defend them unto death itself. She loves a fight.

RP Bio:

Name: Seryss
Age: 321
Race: (read background)
Career: Dead Hunter (read background)
Weapons/Powers: ornate longsword called StarGazer
Appearance: Tall, slender and pale, Seryss has long, pointed ears of an elf. Her eyes are faerie-like in their glowing, emerald green colour. Her long hair is white but has a sapphire blue hue to it. She dresses in a leather corsset, leather skirt or pants, a long leather coat and gothic boots. Her sword is sheathed on her back. She has eyeliiner around her eyes, and wears black on her top lip, deep blue on her bottom lip. She has a single silver hoop ring in her left ear lobe, a silver stud in her tongue.
Background: Seryss was an elf, centuries before. When she died, she was blessed and went to heaven, but she rebelled, and fell in love with a vampyre, who later bit her. He was destroyed by heaven's light, and Seryss cast into Hell, where she was not accepted, and thus sent to spend her life in Purgatory; Earth. There, she became a Dead Hunter, a warrior set out to kill demons and angels alike. Mortals should be left to their business, is what she believes

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I'm sorry to inform you all that the green eyed, blue haired beauty known as Seryss, Selenael, Syrazel, or whatever other names you may have known her as, is dead.



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Star crys rain

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Star crys rain

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sopen asataka

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sopen asataka

sel-dono where have you gone off to ??

for syr, now sel.... crying gonk
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[ Tyrael ]

Where are you?

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I am huh? {smiles}
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Boo! Well, your profile sure looks good. SuP?

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Well of course! You're the only consecutive commenter here! ><

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*laffs* Hey everyone Im number 12!


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Hi Hi, Welcome Back. ^_^

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Hello Hello

(Whoop whoop im munber 10!! boo yaa {chibi dances})


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