Skylar's tunes<3

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sext, sext, sext ME I<3Dahvie Vanity

Best lyrics alive

Don't stop, won't stop, don't give in girl everyone in this galaxy just want's to see you twirl<3

I wanna ******** you hard, I wanna feel you deep, I wanna rock your body, I wanna taste your sweet, I wanna ******** you hard, I wanna feel you deep, I wanna ah-ah, I wanna ah-ah<3


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Hey, hun I'm Skylar my couzin gave her friend who gave her friend who gave this account to me.
Well about me.
I live down in the southern states with different relatives. I've lived in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Florida once or twice, and Oklahoma.
I move from relative to relative because my mama has been having some money troubles just to clear that up.
Well I'm not like that 'oh I <3 kenny chesney' type of girls I'm the OMFG I LOVE YOU DAHVIE VANITY! Dahvie fangirls unite!
I love B.o.T.d.F. owl city, nickasaur although I've just resently introduced to nickasaur so far nickie rules! I like other bands besides techno but you'll have to wait and see to find them out. Yes I do have a heavy southern accent. I'm not the out spoken type I'm pretty down to earth and I usually keep to myself so I apologize if I'm really quiet and I've known you for a long time and you realize "omg I don't even know her favorite color!" It's just the way I roll. I recently deleted all of my friends because I haven't been on in forever so they seemed like aliens to me.