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Here’s some basics:
I'm 19, Female, & I prefer girls.

Now here’s some tag alongs:

My bird is a professional head banger
I randomly break out into song often
I have a fascination for the dimples above a butt
I love poking belly buttons
Bottle capped donut messengers rule
I love you more then bunnies
I fantasize more than what is probably healthy
I'd kill for a donut.
Sea horses are bloody cute

I'm not a lover of meat, but I'm not a vegetarian
I'm a smart a**
My aunt calls me a brown burnt sugar blonde
I prefer girls thank you.
I miss my horse scooter :/ l o v e u
Yaoi and Yuri is the Smex
Art is a bang wink
Animals are my side kicks in life. Woof
I am an avid cosplayer
I fantasize more than what is probably healthy
Voldamort Weckesser is my new addition (love you)
Red heads are damn sexy ♥
I'd ride my quad all day if I could

I'm working on becoming a professional animal trainer and have already been doing canine freestyle and obedience for years. My dream is to one day open up my own facility

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Nori_with_toast Report | 10/19/2011 9:08 pm
wats up? smile
Nori_with_toast Report | 09/15/2011 10:02 am
that really sux big time i agree how were you supposed to know about tht some ppl huh.
Nori_with_toast Report | 02/12/2011 9:45 pm
You forget the password or did it get hacked?
awww dnt facepalm urself it happens to everyone sad
Nori_with_toast Report | 02/10/2011 11:42 pm
Your very welcome:p
And thank you! heart
Yeah stuff on here is too much money, but i am trying to save my gold^^ its very hard though trying to save it:3
Nori_with_toast Report | 02/10/2011 11:16 pm
HAHA its okay:p
btw luv your avi biggrin
Nori_with_toast Report | 02/10/2011 7:13 pm
lol a cosplay waaat? i am? :p
Nori_with_toast Report | 02/09/2011 6:03 pm
Your very welcome!
xd rofl 3nodding blaugh
Nori_with_toast Report | 01/24/2011 6:05 pm
happy birthday:p
Nori_with_toast Report | 01/22/2011 12:42 pm
It has dude^^ i believe the last time i saw you was around our graduation :3
Mimzelicious Report | 01/22/2011 11:52 am
XDD, technically I only made the art though, I can't code for crapsies XDD

Oopsies, I accidentally declined your friend request, lemme make a new one XP



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