Silence of the dawn is as beautiful as the sunrise itself. Watch the golden orb of fire rise from the east, painting the sky with red like blood, pink like a kitten's little nose, and blue like the stream's waters. The sky lightens, and the sun rises like a defiant rebel against night's grasp. The night retreats to the west, its darkness going with it. Shadows become longer as the sun chases the night to the west, riding the light blue sky like a stallion, its sword of fire pointed forward. Yet the night comes with silence, twillight stealing away the dawn as sunset comes. Before the sun can return, it sinks in the west, like it is drowning in its own blood, for the clouds above are covered in the many shades of red. Silence is used by both sides of day and night.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!


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Black, white, and in between is mixed to produce gray. It is the style of my writing. Dark and light, suspence and laughter, sorrow and joy. Speak and be recognized, listen and stay hidden. The life in death, the death in life. Back and forth. Fright and courage. Songs and silence. Beautiful and repulsive. Evil and good. Under and surface. Fire and water. Close your eyes and see.


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As a sword slashes your arm, you grit your teeth in pain. You glance to the sidelines and see your love. Spurred on by the sight of them watching you with worry twisting their features, you fight harder, nicking your opponent on the leg. He counters, you parry. He strikes, you strike. As blood flows freely from a dozen wounds, you fight on, countering and parrying each blow. Live and die, a rose in your hand... The thought repeats itself again and again, giving you the courage to press on. Live and die, a rose in your hand... You thrust. Live and die, a rose in your hand... You press the attack. Live and die, a rose in your hand... You stick the sword in the enemy's chest. Blood spurts out of him as he falls to his knees, his lungs filling fast with blood. Live and die, a rose in your hand... The enemy falls, no rose in his clutches. He lives still, but dying fast, so you place a red rose in his hands. You smile at him, promising a peaceful rest...

Sleeping Forest


Hey internet world.
I'm Sapphirianna, mostly known as Sapph.
I am a Christian girl with wild interests. (=w=) I'm unique, no?

I'm that oddball otaku-type girl.
I love anime, manga, and the Japanese culture itself (call me a weeaboo though and I swear I will find you and thwack you on the head with my history textbook. >:I). I'm slightly OCD, kind of sporadic, shy when meeting people for the first time, loud with my friends, in love with Fullmetal Alchemist and Hetalia, with a strong passion for art.

Art, music, my family and friends, and Christ:

My policy is to not judge a book by its cover (trust me, it NEVER works anyways) and I normally don't formulate much of an opinion about you until you show me yourself. If you show me that you are really a jerk (let's say, a troll), then yes, I will consider you a jerk and try to avoid you as to not get really mad, but if you show yourself to be pretty nice, I'll think you're awesome. I don't hold grudges longer than a few weeks or months, but that doesn't mean you can just flame me or troll me, and I never, EVER, actually HATE people.

Now here's something that most of you will probably kill me for, but, hey, it's just how I was raised: I am not entirely for gay marriage. Just throwing that out there. Now you're probably getting mad at me, but hold on. I do not have anything against those who are gay. I have no quarrel with them. Don't go assuming that I hate gay people and I'm homophobic. Yes, I find it slightly awkward, but I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AGAINST THEM. There. Better now?

I am mostly inactive nowadays, but I will try to get back to you if you message me. I don't bite you know. ^w^

God has brought me through...

Hello World! It's the awesome, God-loving Sapphirianna!

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Registered: 03/21/2009

Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/17

w00t! (Yes, I am a LoZ fan)

Triforce ftw!
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My stuff... MINE!!!


[b:276153690e]Oh, and did I mention I'm half insane?[/color:276153690e][/b:276153690e]
[b:276153690e][i:276153690e]Keeps life interesting.[/color:276153690e][/i:276153690e][/b:276153690e]

I cosplay, I watch anime, I read manga, I play violin and piano and flute, I sing, I draw, I write, and[b:276153690e] I still love God[/b:276153690e].
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My Art

Call me a Freak?

What is your purpose? Your counsel? Your vision? Could one be so ignorant? So calm in the midst of war? Your composure tells me you are fine, yet you’re at war with yourself. Anger guided by sorrow, fear, and grief will devour you. Hunger of destruction will indeed destroy. Destroy your beloved. Destroy your life. What do you fear? Do you fear change? Do you fear destruction itself? Life includes death- something not to be feared, but welcomed. War was unnatural, now it is, the creation of the Sin. We live so we can pass the Word of Joy. We live so we can believe, love, and worship God Almighty. Sovereign LORD, Holy One, Jehovah, His name is Many, Truth, Creator, and Many More Than Us. He called upon me to do His Will. He called upon us, mortals, humans, Sinners. Even now, life comes with sorrow, it comes with fear, and it comes with the Curse, Sin. Jehovah sent down His Son to die. Prince of Peace, Jesus, came to die, a Lamb being sacrificed. A creation of men is the sword- a thing of destruction, and a symbol of Death, of Sin. Swords are symbols of our life, being devoured alive by Sin, destruction, fear, grief. With Life comes Death, with Death comes Judgment, and with Judgment comes either Eternal Life or Eternal Death. God’s willing to take those who Truly Believe, still Sinners, but a reborn Person. Born in Christ. I, for one, am a Reborn, a Christian, a real live Jesus-Freak. I live for Jesus, and you can too, just believe… Just believe…


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Sapphirianna's Tales

I'm a writer, I write short stories and stuff like that... Please enjoy these random posts and/or heartfelt poems and pieces.

Say hi! I get lonely sometimes... :(

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Thousand1volts Report | 11/12/2012 6:09 pm
Hello fellow High Voltage guildee! This is just a friendly notice letting you know there's some roleplays that could use your unique brand of awesome. If you're interested, just click *here. Have a good day! ^_^
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/19/2012 1:17 pm
XRazorz EdgeX
sometimes its good to be busy, keeps you out of trouble
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/19/2012 12:46 pm
XRazorz EdgeX
thats always the problem XD
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/19/2012 12:43 pm
XRazorz EdgeX
Lolz well put a bunch of apps out to different places and ur bound to find someplace who will want to hire you(:
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/19/2012 12:39 pm
XRazorz EdgeX
Yeah, sometimes i need my job if things arent going well in my life because it keeps my mind off of the bad
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/19/2012 12:24 pm
XRazorz EdgeX
Nothing much other than work xP soo exciting right? XD
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/16/2012 10:16 am
XRazorz EdgeX
Lolz why were you going to so many places?
And thats awesome!(:
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/12/2012 3:13 pm
XRazorz EdgeX
How hav you been this summer??? School is coming wayyyy too fast!
XRazorz EdgeX Report | 08/12/2012 12:10 pm
XRazorz EdgeX
Hey i miss you!<3(:
Grease Monkey Sam Report | 08/01/2012 7:40 am
Grease Monkey Sam
UR welcome... Glad 2 here yall R doing well
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Speak and be recognized.
Listen and stay hidden.
Leave and never be seen.

Love and receive love.
Despise and receive disgust.
Silence and receive silence.

Live and die, a rose in your hand.

CoC Buddies

Say "hi"! God bless 'em.

Mule/Me again... hehehe... Lost my account info once... oops...

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What's done, is done, and we can't turn back time. Forget about the past and live for the present.


The definition of love is varied,
Some immoral, immature.
But what is love exactly?
When does it occur?

What dictionary do you use
To describe this strong emotion?
What thesaurus do you seek
To explain this mighty motion?

Tell me why you "love".
"To be loved or not to be loved?"
Is that a question?

Explain to me why we Christians call love... God.

Simple. He is love.

One of my besties! ^w^