in the end

I knew it was a god damned lie the second it escaped past your lips. Five days before Christmas. The day after I learned a manual. The day I could finally do everything right. Done.

Two ******** years. For what? It wasn't forever, it wasn't that god damned quote you pulled out of your a** saying to never give up.

You told me you 'weren't going to lose another friend'. At least I know that at that point, I wasn't even ranked among people you considered friendly with. It makes sense.

You have the god damned balls to say 'I still care'. Don't lie to me. Two hour drive in horrible conditions to a place I didn't know. I wish I'd crashed like I almost did so many times. You want to know where I'm going? What does it matter? It doesn't. Don't lie.

You're going to go on and live your life. Happier then ever before. I already know that. Like you said, the last year of our relationship shouldn't of happened anyways. This was the best choice for you, after all.

Leaving this here as a reminder to never trust.
Leaving this here as a reminder to never care.