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Remind me to update my interests.

About SAM! ^_^

Im SAM =^.^=,
Im a Profecional Artist, Ilove Art!!! i like to draw and paint all kinds of things especially Anime of my own! ^_^
Im in to my Rock (not oldies) j-rock, techno and classical! anything else i hate! ><
Im a gothic kitty pretty much every where i go, i never feel complete with out wearing my black cat ears and tail! So thats how people mostly know me as "Kitty Cat". But i hate it when people meow and make cat jokes at me >///< im a person, not a cat and not a mascot!
im a budhist! ^^
i also run an anime club at my school, so i do everything anime!
oh i Love Yoai! ^/////^

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