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expensive crap I'l probably never afford


Your Daddy Must've Been a Drug Dealer!

Whats up!

What I ♥(Love)

I ♥ Making people laugh.
I ♥ Sitting Out in the Rain.
I ♥ Waking up To The sound Of Rain on my Window.
I ♥ How I can just Disappear in my bed.
I ♥The Feeling of listening to a song I really like for the first Time.
I ♥ Cuddling for No Reason.
I ♥ When The sun Disappears Behind the Ocean.
I ♥ Nice Compliments.
I ♥ Getting Gifts.
I ♥Buying Gifts.
I ♥When people ask for me.
I ♥ When My friends call me by my full name.
I ♥ it When people stare at us when we laugh.
I ♥ Getting invites.
I ♥ The way clean cold fresh air feels against my skin.
I ♥ Taking my friends bracelets.
I ♥sniffing roses.
I ♥When People Trust me.
I ♥ The Way I Suck Shopping for Shoes.
I ♥ When People Make Me laugh.
I ♥ The Fact that I always get What I want sence I earn it.
♥ ♥ ♥

Things I [X](Hate)

I [x] The Fact that when I cry I can't talk.
I [x] When I ask a question and no one answers.
I [x] Expecting things that never happen.
I [x] the Fact that my mind gets ahead of things a little TOO MUCH before I do.
I [x] When we Run out of Pepsi.
I [x] Homophobes.
I [x] it When a Hot Movie Character dies.
I [x] Bad Hair Days.
I [x] being replaced.
I [x] Hypocrisy.
I [x] Being the Last Person to Know Secret.
I [x] Not having super powers.
I [x] Not having super powers.
I [x] Loosing stuff and Not Being able to find Them.
I [x] People that Lie about the way I Look.
I [x] People That take me for Granted.
I [x] People that think their cool just because they do the most stupid and idiotic things, having knoww idea how truely pathetic they are.
I [x] When I meet really REALLY awesome people but can't see them or say hi in person sence they live too far.
I [x] When people Boss me around.
I [x] Breaking Dawn.
[X] [X] [X]

}{ANIME I'VE SEEN}{ * * * * *<-- My show ratings from 1 star to 5.

Loveless (* * * * *)
Aishiteruze Baby (* * * * *)
Vampire Knight (* * */*)
Death Note (* * * * /*)
Lovely Complex (* * * *)
Chobits (* *)
Sukisyo (* * *)

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I Eatted You Report | 12/16/2011 5:37 am
And why should i give you it?
UbiquitousOwl Report | 07/26/2009 6:21 pm
no gaia no es nada boring si tienes q acer y con kien ablar es cool biggrin tienes myspace o msn???
UbiquitousOwl Report | 07/26/2009 5:42 pm
tngo 16 tas en universidad O_O??????
UbiquitousOwl Report | 07/26/2009 5:27 pm
y cuantos a~os tienes???
UbiquitousOwl Report | 07/26/2009 5:12 pm
yeah thats right ps naci en bayamon pero vivo en toa alta y tu????
UbiquitousOwl Report | 07/26/2009 12:45 pm
hey yo soy d pr add me biggrin
SakuraRico Report | 07/18/2009 1:37 pm
A pues bien, en ese caso mi myspace es myspace.com/sakurarico
SakuraRico Report | 07/18/2009 11:32 am
Yo no sabria decirte que tan grande es o si va mucha gente, pues nunca he ido. Lo que si se es que aparentemente como el año pasado fue bien, pues lo hacen de nuevo. Aqui te dejo el poster con un poco de informacion, vete a su pagine cuya direccion esta en el poster.

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SakuraRico Report | 07/18/2009 8:03 am
pues si, me sonabas de 15 XD

Yo en mi myspace tengo fotos de los cosplays que yo he hecho, si me quieres añadir y verlos ^^

Pues si, crees que vayas el de Cidra el dos de agosto?

Te añado en un segundo XD
SakuraRico Report | 07/17/2009 3:34 pm
No no me gusta el revolu, odio las caquerias XD
Yo antes no me gustaba gaia, pero como mi novia me metio, como que crecio en mi un amor por tal. XD
Yo no fui al PRCC, no tenia los recursos, pero he ido ya a tres Kaisen, un DCC, un Aguada Con, y en el futuro lo mas probable vaya a Central fan fest el dos de agosto y a Kaisen 6 el primero de noviembre.

Y tu a cuales has ido? Y solo por curiosidad, cual es tu edad?

Te molesta si te doy friend add?


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