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Soulless dark queen Report | 11/28/2013 8:20 pm
i am sorry about your lose
Soulless dark queen Report | 11/24/2013 10:57 pm
Hi kim how are you and what up with you sweety
NateTmi Report | 11/22/2013 7:12 pm
Thanks for adding me. maybe i am not in the best of mood. idk
Matrix Vampire 2 Report | 08/16/2013 4:55 pm
but, also. my girlfriend plan to keep her ovary instead of taking it out. but, she been sad that she wanted a baby boy so badly. but, i'm going to do my best to make it happen. i hope?
Matrix Vampire 2 Report | 08/15/2013 8:13 pm
we are not married yet. because, my jobn is not making much money. plus i had to pay 500 dollars on my stupid chevory s-10 stander pickup truck to be fix because, of the motor burned up. i didn't check the oil. but, she doing good since, she told me that we can't handle a baby. because, the way her ovary is? by the way can that even happen to you? confused because, my gf and i was thinking about adopting one even if we can get her ovary better.
Matrix Vampire 2 Report | 08/14/2013 6:56 pm
hey kim. i miss you. but, i was wondering? why do you hate me so much just because, i have to do as what my parent say. sad
Levi Sama Report | 06/03/2013 2:58 pm
So,how was your day miss?
Levi Sama Report | 06/03/2013 10:10 am
Hello,its a pleasure to meet you. And I'm no good with request messages either...
pink-master-man Report | 06/02/2013 8:49 pm
because i hacked my profiLe to make a mirror so it would get peoples attenchen. i am the same guy as S-nate account. i have 2 accounts. i will reply to your pm next day i am on. crying
closed7jz Report | 06/02/2013 8:46 pm