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*I used to Be Saionji Sekai but for some reason, I can not log into my other account, which means I had to make a new one. I believe someone reported me for some reason. -shrugs- So, I got mad at Gaia for some time, but I am back now with a new account! :'D

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.:School Days Info:.

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If you want to see the first episode of the School Days anime, here are the links. 3nodding
Part One
Part Two
Part Three.

Well, here it is~! Hope you like it! whee

P.S. - For those who already know about School Days THE H-GAME, this is not it. Overflow came out with the anime of School Days on July 3rd, 2007. There are 12 episodes in the whole anime. You can download these episodes at Veoh.com, after registering of course. Or you can just watch them on YouTube too. 3nodding


Hello. My name is Saionji Sekai. Sekai means 'world' in Japanese. It sure is a big scale name. I like it! 4laugh
This is a picture of me if you would like to see how I look. I am the one on the left, and the person next to me is Kotonoha Katsura. One of my friends that I made recently. 3nodding I live alone at an Apartment with my mother at Motehara-Sakashita. My birthday is on December 7th, and I am a Sagittarius in the Horoscope. ^^

I am a high school student and a freshman at that. I attend Sakakino Gakuen. I am in class 1-3, where I sit next to Makoto Itou. He has a secret crush on Katsura, but shush! I didn't tell you that! whee I am in progress of helping him get to his dream girl... Although I-- Anyways! sweatdrop

This is Setsuna Kiyoura. She is my best friend, as well as my childhood friend. She's like a sister to me. heart Our mothers work together at the same company, and they are friends as well. 3nodding

Hope you enjoyed my profile~! And have a great day! whee

Hoho! Lookie here! It's Makoto and I at the Beach!

Oh, and Sekai loves comments~! So leave her some~! 3nodding

I know I just informed you on this whole School Days thing. So let me tell you a little about the person behind the mask. Hoho! ;D

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.:Sekai likes:.
-To read
-The Colors Green, Blue, and Purple. And maybe some black. :3
-Write occasional poems
-Math and Language Arts/Comm Arts
-Role Playing
-Animals, especially Pandas & Foxes!
-The mall
-Nature! <3
-The color green, blue, and black.

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. biggrin islikes:.
-Rude people
-Hacking/Spamming PMs. LoL. You want my password? Ok.
Password: ********. C:
-Getting up early, and rude awakenings
-People who don't get a clue
-Drawings coming out crappy
-When people rush into relationships.
-When people tell me they 'Love Me' to fast in a relationships.

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.:She Is/was:.
-Born on February 18th. ;D
-An Aquarius
-A monkey in the Chinese Horoscope
-Trustworthy. Or so her friends say. ;D
-Sometimes Silly
-Optimistic. No point in depressing yourself.
-Living in NJ.
-Random, and loving it! <3


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