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MyEccentricSelf Report | 07/28/2011 5:27 pm
I meant weird.
MyEccentricSelf Report | 07/28/2011 5:23 pm
Haha, thanks.

Oh my god, so Robert Pattinson shaved off half of his hair...I'm hoping that he only did that for a role because it looks super real.
RoxxiPuu Report | 01/28/2011 4:59 pm
I just wanted to say u are amazing for having a TH song on ur profile <3 and even if u did no kno, Bill is mine XD
MyEccentricSelf Report | 01/28/2011 7:05 am
Hey Nessie!
I loves you!
Your hair looks good..
Oh and you're a slut.
Just kidding I love you.
MyEccentricSelf Report | 12/21/2010 8:00 pm
Hello best friend.
I know I just saw you today, but I just thought you should know that I support your decision either way on that one thing.
I love you and even though you guys are meant to be together, I understand that you're freaking out right now but even if things don't work out, you have people that will always love you.
And, you have the most beautiful hair ever, do NOT cut it off.
Your best friend.
Candi_Bahr Report | 03/02/2010 7:38 pm
oh and can u edit my profile for me please? sad idk how to change the damn thing
Candi_Bahr Report | 03/02/2010 7:21 pm
hey girl, found my password smile anyways read the journals if u can smile
MusicPrincessTrinity Report | 12/15/2009 2:59 pm
Ive..Been better -___-
MusicPrincessTrinity Report | 12/04/2009 2:28 pm
Asian music is WAY cool XD
MusicPrincessTrinity Report | 11/05/2009 3:31 pm
FIRST THERE WAS THIS COOL BAND NAMED CAVO,THEN Theory of a Deadmean...Who wasnt cool at all and DIDNT block out ANY cuss words like F***,B****,and D***. -_- Didnt go over 2 well w/ my mom...-___- I dont even like them 2 begin w/.....THEN...DAUGHTY!!! They was this big white curtain that went up (Then 10 mins l8r it went HALF way down,came back up,then came back down (8 min's l8r and this TIME ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN THEY STARED PLAYING!!!!! My goal was 2 lose my voice by the end of the day,SO I SCREAMED ALOT but it didnt help. I STILL hav my voice. -__- There were sparks,glitter, ALOT of fire, glowing drumsticks (XD) and.....CHRIS' SEXY ARMS!!!!! XD
It was AWESOME!!! Then,it was over,and I stayed and chanted 4 an encore,then (5 mins l8r),they came out & did 2 more songs!!!~♥♥ It stared at 7:30 and ended at 11:30. smile
Oh,and Chris said "R u having fun?" and my mom said, "Id hav more fun in the back of ur bus!!" XD It was SO funny!!

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Enbrace half of that which you are.

The ME!!!

Hey everyone!! my names India.

and i live in my own detached little world away from the rest of humanity! LOL!! I love to sing, act, read, play sports, go swimming, and write. Granted im not very good at most of those things lol. i love all of the Hayao Miyazaki-San films, he is an artist!! my fav animes are Sailor Moon, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Mermaid Melody,Cardcaptors, Tokyo Mew Mew, Pretty Cure(All of the seasons.), Fruits Basket, and Murder Princess. Those make up most of my fav mangas too excepte xxxholioc is my other fav manga. I love anything to do with vampires, magic, mythology, and sci-fi! STAR WARS RULES WOO!! nerdy i know but hey i like being a nerd. It makes me an individual. and if you have a problem with it well too bad i am who i am and thats that. I also like to do fan-art edits of the Sailor Senshi. in my fan club im Sailor Saturn the Senshi of Death and Rebirth. WOOO!
my fav bands and music are Evanescence, Within Temptation, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Nickelback, Nightwish, Three Days Grace, Plumb, and 30 Seconds To Mars(THEY FREAKIN RULE!!!), DBSK(fan gurlish squeel-HERO AND MAX!!!). i get really flustered when people insult me or my friends. i LOVE to go shopping, but not when its with my parents(shudders), and I am almost always really shy. put me in a crowd and i will only stand when it comes to the clothes i am wearing.lol.
I have blonde hair, naturally and green eyes. i am not ditzy, but i am gravity challenged so as a result, i cant walk a straight line without injurying myself. i guess what it all comes down to is this... I like all kinds of things. I dont have any particular style, because i like to wear everything. I like to be girly and gothic. I am a hopeless romantic, but cant stand PDA. I love nerdy things and will stay up all night reading Harry Potter or playing video games. But whats most special about me is the fact that i dont mind being who i am. and thats me.
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You value freedom, impulse, emotion and fire. You love instant gratification and acting on your gut feeling. At your best, you are passionate and decisive. At your worst, you are shortsighted and destructive. Your symbol is a fireball. Your enemies are white and blue.

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This person is beautiful inside and out. she is seen. she is heard. she still never has a shoulder too cry on. just stay hopeful and one day you will belong.

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Mary Jo!! I love almost more than anyone else. You are a great friend and mean so much to me!
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When you have a heart of fire, dont be afraid to let it out. Unfurl your wings and fly.

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all i can say is I AM REJETED BANANA!! no i am never going to let you forget it lolz. you are 1 of the most amzing people ive ever met. you will get your dream job as the worlds best graphic designer EVA!!!!! tehehe. you will be married to ethan and have b-e-a-utiful kiddies with him and be happy forever!!!! <3<3 love you gurl
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you are as beautiful as a crystal stream. Shine.

Becca/Roxii-Puu!!! ^_^
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Beccca you are simply AMAZING!!! I loves you sooooooo much. You make an awesome President and I'm honored to be your Vice. I cant wait until you move so I can come see you!!!! ^_^ <3 U Roxii-Puu!!!
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There is a beautiful butterfly inside of you. Break free of your cocoon and Fly.