Sailor Chiron “KI-ron”
Name: Hisoka Mikage
Meaning: Secret shadows
Identity: Sailor Chiron, Guardian of the Death Gate (a portal to the cauldron, at the end of the River Styx)
Myth Name: Chiron, Cerberus, Hellhound
Element: Death, Rebirth
Age: 18 Birthday: September 19
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood type: AB Height: 5’6”
Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown
Introduction: “Guardian of the Gate of Death, I’m defending the New World, Sailor Chiron!”
Animal: Wolf Stone: Onyx
Colours: Black, brown, orchid
Likes: Science, pizza, flute, writing, reading, learning
Dislikes: Gym class, small spaces, Death Gate Disturbances
Strength: Retaining information Weakness: Self-critical
Dream: To be a scientist or author.
Henshin: Chiron celestial power, make-up!
Attacks: Cerberus Howl, Deafening Shadows
Personality: She is like a wounded healer, always putting others before herself. She is self disciplined and often drives herself too hard. She is accident prone, but otherwise appears very in control. She has physical healing powers equally strong as her ability to destroy. She is good at finding loopholes and viewing the larger picture of things, but is often caught off guard by people. She is understanding, easily finding common ground. She is a mediator between arguments. She has a very large vocabulary. She is independent, and a bit of a loner.
Weapon: Death Key

I am a senshi of a planet from just beyond Earth's solar system, within the Oort cloud. I am a member of the Centaur Senshi, a hidden team of soldiers with our very own princess. We are in charge of protecting the balance of life - protecting the Galaxy Cauldron and thus the Gate of Death. I have the key.
Galaxia was the first senshi to ever gain control of the cauldron for a time, and I personally take the blame. I am the one that forbids Chaos to become a senshi, and so her rage manifests as possessing enemies that have plagued Earth and even other reaches of the Galaxy.


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Hi! I hope you let me join your guild!

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thanks for inviting me to The Galaxy Cauldron ^^
Fuchsia Femme

Report | 08/09/2009 6:49 pm

Fuchsia Femme

thank you! it took me a while to make lol! i like your's too. did you make it?
Fuchsia Femme

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Fuchsia Femme

GS Sailor Amphitrite

Report | 06/26/2009 4:20 pm

GS Sailor Amphitrite

OMG Sailor Chiron love your layout its awsome^_^

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I see. I wouldn't be able to put so much thought and creativity into another senshi. I'd really have to coop myself up in a room for a while before I got something. D: I'm usually creative, but Sailor Senshi are not my forte.

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I can tell that you worked hard. ^_^ How long did it take you to fully develop her?

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Wow! A very impressive roleplaying character! And cool profile. ^_^
I just had to see the Galaxy Cauldron creator's profile.
Crystal Sailor Pluto

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Crystal Sailor Pluto

Hey there! And thank you. ^-^ Yours is quite beautiful also.
Dont BIink

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Dont BIink

Petz and I wish to be married in your forum of the Guild I hope you don't mind..{ sorry last minuted decision n_n; }
If you do not like where I placed it then by all means please move it -Smiles-


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