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My name is Vivian Amber, and I am physically twenty six years of age. I am the oldest daughter of Lilliana-Jade and Brosh Amber, and the heir of Amber Lineage and probably its successor with the absence of my father. I was born upon the 25th January 2010, along with my siblings; Raoul and Joanna. Being the oldest granted me the powers of being the Amber Senshi, and considering there was no Senshi of Amber before me, it has become my birth right to be Sailor Amber.

I am the great granddaughter of Queen Beryl and her husband, the granddaughter of her daughter Princess Bri and Lord General Jadeite and I am the great niece of Queen Emily and King Heliodor. My godmother is Sailor Garnet, who I adore and consider as an aunt. I also consider Sailor Ruby, Sailor Sapphire and Viola Hirai as my aunts and I love them all as they are my own family.

My Senshi element is similar to my Aunt Ruby’s; fire, but I have a long way before I am nearly as powerful as she is and I am thankful for having such a wonderful teacher. I am not alone though as a guardian of the Amber stone, despite the death of my father, as I discovered I also too had a fellow Knight from my own time; Jonah Lawless. I do not know much about him, but I am willing to give him my trust and friendship.


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Amber's Biography

The life story of Vivian Amber, the daughter of Brosh Amber and Lilliana-Jade.


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Sparkling Gemstone Anon Report | 10/30/2010 5:13 pm
Sparkling Gemstone Anon
=o That would be awesome!
Sparkling Gemstone Anon Report | 10/30/2010 3:19 pm
Sparkling Gemstone Anon
Well, you ARE! So there >:[ Cute costume btw. I so want that autumn item ^^
Sparkling Gemstone Anon Report | 10/30/2010 2:35 pm
Sparkling Gemstone Anon
Of course we want you around Amber-chan ^^
GS Sailor Sapphire Report | 10/29/2010 4:16 pm
GS Sailor Sapphire
You're back?! biggrin
Lilith P Akuji Report | 10/26/2010 3:04 pm
Lilith P Akuji
"Pleasure's all mine deary." She smiled.
Lilith P Akuji Report | 10/26/2010 2:49 pm
Lilith P Akuji
She chuckled. "Seems like you haven't been around in a while." She then waved it off and said, "It's better if you don't know I guess."
Lilith P Akuji Report | 10/26/2010 2:45 pm
Lilith P Akuji
She smirked. "Rosanna Desdemona. Daughter of Demitri."
Lilith P Akuji Report | 10/26/2010 1:49 pm
Lilith P Akuji
The black-haired female appeared behind the young girl and snickered. "You bear a strong resembelance to your father."
Sparkling Gemstone Anon Report | 10/25/2010 2:52 pm
Sparkling Gemstone Anon
Welcome back, Amber-chan!
GS Sailor Sapphire Report | 06/22/2010 7:00 pm
GS Sailor Sapphire
Wait, killing Amber off? o___________o Holy crap!

Well yeah, you really did own up to the character and made her interesting. It's hard to recreate a character when you already have an idea about who and how they are.


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