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S t a r r z i e H e a r t's avatar

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/29

S t a r r z i e A n g e l i q u e H e a r t&;♥

&Queen of the Starrs;

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Name: StarrzieAngeliqueHeartâ„¢
S.O: Straight-ish with Bi edges
Status: Single. S T A Y I N G way for now
Age: 15 Years Young
Hair Color: Depends on my mood
Eyes: It also depends on my mood
Gender: SheMale

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Silly; Funny; Slightly Slow; Biggie Bright;
R A N D O M; Pretty sensitive; Very Gullible;
Generous; Kind; L O S E R; Abnormal;
Nice; Lazy; Dork;


As I stare at the sky, I see a shooting star. I think of you and all that we could be. I made a wish upon that shootung star, Hoping you would love me the way I love you. When I looked into your eyes, I knew it was true; I loved you, And I thought you loved me too. Since then you found a girl; I wish that I was her, But I am not, And I won't stop wishing for you. Day after day, I wish you would hold me tight. Kiss me with your soft gentle lips, And say that you love me. But every time I see you, You're holding on to her; You're kissing her so gently, And saying you love her. I love you more than words could day; I wish I could hold you night and day. I'll love you always.

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