Just get nakkid and give up!

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skype: precilla.ashley
msn: precilla.ashley@live.com

Hello! That’s right I said Hello! Anywho, I’m smil3y toast but if you here then I’m going to assume that you already knew that…if not well now you do. So if you don’t want to call me smil3y toast then you can call me my irl name which just happens to be Precilla Ashley. I’m nineteen years of age, that’s right I’m mostly legal! I love Jesus Christ! That’s right I’m Christian and not ashamed to say so. I’m Church of God, Pentecostal. Yeah we party. I’m fixing to go to school to be a make up artist. I have the best friends anyone could ask for. I am a therapist at heart, if you have a problem most likely I can fix it. I have an anxiety problem and I am most likely manic. I get that from my father. I have so many fears it’s unreal. I have been through a lot but I will never let that rule my life, even though I think sometimes it does.

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