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heeey i'm sejal .
im fifteen years youngg , livin in massachusetts . guess what race i am ? i've gotten a lotta different ideas from people, but really im 100% indian mother fudgersss ! :] im single livinn <3 . im a prettyy chillaxed person , unless im in one one of my extremely hyper moodss hahaa . speaking of hyper , cherry coke doess the trick ! anyone who knows mee would kno that i livee off of cherry coke & chex mix lmao . i can pretty much be anythingg but perfect . but thats cool , cuz who is ? im an independentt girlll , with dreams that i kno i will make reall . i'm a self-motivated young ladyy who is ambitious and eager to take on the challenges of the worldd. i'll be yur problem solverr , i already do that for all my friendss hahah . i've always got my friends' backs ; im a trustworthyy friend . i have a terrible memory so dont kill me when i forget something ;P im kinda on the impatient sidee .. & im VERY picky with .. everything loll . i'm blunt -- i tell it how it is ! so don't be offended by what i sayy . volleyball & show choir = my lifeee . that's all yu gotta kno about me . now talk to me children !