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Now I know who's creeping

sexaul on 07/23/2022


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My name is Vicky & sometimes I'm icky. Definitely not your average girl, besides the fact that I am 16 years of age & a chick. I'm digging the single life. Shy & quite are not my adjectives. YES MY ARMPITS ARE SEXY. Please come back to Texas. Starwars nuh said. I love my jeans, they have holes in them. Currently a confused & lost student like any other highschool kiddo. I love to dance hence the fact I'm on drill team. Last night I had a dream...I forgot it. #1 Rule I live by; don't say something unless you mean it from the bottom of your heart. I miss you. I don't hate. Don't tell me what to do. Now I'm going to get the mail from outside. I am very understanding & impatient, which I'm trying to work on fixing that. I am not fake nor plan to become fake. Oh and btw, you are not better than me, so don't even go there smile Not so much of a b***h, rather a badass.

comment & make my day

get a load of this loser.




"i have to block out thoughts of you so i dont lose my head"♥

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if you love me, you'd give me all your junk.
if you don't love'd still do it.

i you

S E X Y  A R M P I T S