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A wild journal has appeared!

This is where I come to b***h and stuff.


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Cremuex Levier Report | 08/23/2020 10:56 pm
Cremuex Levier
That's ok! Thank you for the info, your avvie looks lovely <3 Have a wonderful day <3
D-BoyTheFighter Report | 08/19/2020 2:49 am
I found you in the Bible Guild post... and I like your avatar! whee
Cremuex Levier Report | 07/25/2020 10:48 pm
Cremuex Levier
Excuse me, what is the colour scheme your avatar is currently wearing? I haven't seen it before and it looks very regal/elegant.
Bilbofagginss Report | 05/29/2020 10:30 am
i just sent a join request lol short, sweet, and name dropped you. b***h.
Bilbofagginss Report | 05/29/2020 10:28 am
User Image
Bilbofagginss Report | 05/29/2020 10:20 am
im tryna get my signature figured out now
but i do like s**t posting
Bilbofagginss Report | 05/29/2020 10:06 am
now to convince myself to fill out the form to be accepted in the guild lmao
satansrose Report | 05/28/2020 6:09 pm
Beautiful avatar
Bilbofagginss Report | 05/28/2020 2:49 pm
oooooooooo b***h
what a scandalous thing to say
Bilbofagginss Report | 05/28/2020 2:44 pm
hooker booty


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