Here I Am, This is Me.

I like to draw Anime girls. I like cake. And I like Gaia Online. Where I live in real life people call me Rats because my initials spell RAS. I live with 2 annoying brothers so I can take a few bad comments without temper tantrums (probably). I can be a good friend when given the chance, although barely anyone does give me a chance. And the ones that do move away in less than a year. :c

Yeah, I need to get around to doing a few things, but I really like putting them off constantly (heh). I like to write girl fantasy, and I'm not REALLY interested in the 'other gender', I just want to fit in for once.

PS: Does anyone want to buy some Girl Guide Cookies?
PPS: Gaia got my birthday wrong: It's actually on Halloween. What's up with that?

The sentence below is true.
The sentence above is a lie.