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Location: Hell

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snackles Report | 03/29/2013 6:42 am
rosebud999 Report | 03/24/2013 8:06 am
Casually stalking your profile. You haven't been on in over six months, but your description depresses me. Leaving this in case you decide to log in before I get back to the States and your loving arms.

I know you have changed your mentality since making your bio, but I still want to say that I love you, you are something, and the world is not ********. Have hope.

Oh, and I miss your a**.

Metaphorically AND literally.

Gimme yo booty.
Mrs JongKey Report | 08/10/2010 2:16 pm
Thanks for the add heart if you ever wanna role play, pm me 3nodding 4laugh
rosebud999 Report | 06/03/2010 11:22 am
rosebud999 Report | 05/12/2010 7:10 pm
Sup home skillet>
Lonely Alice Report | 03/21/2010 4:51 pm
You know man I would love to rp with you in 'A Tale of Two Kingdoms' thread that we are both in. Maybe you could come back sometime.....
The Defective Doll Report | 11/13/2009 4:32 pm
I'll get chuuu, Loki.
Sith Shinobi Report | 11/06/2009 10:38 pm
By hell you mean Georgia with your mom, step grandmother, and otherpeoples
iiDinoMoo Report | 08/11/2009 1:40 pm
Did you quit our one on one? o:
I'm a little bit more literate now, so no worries for you no having something to reply to.
Kawaii Mystere Report | 07/23/2009 11:08 am
I posted in not just another fangirl.

: D




Favorite Music/Bands


Extreme by Valora


Me? You don't want to know. In all honesty I'm nothing. I'm just me. But, I guess I can tell about myself a bit here.

I'm a music nut, usually listening to music. If I'm not, I'm playing some kind of video game, or playing Magic. I believe we are screwed, as a species, we are dying, ending our own lives by our own greed. Even the new generation, they stand no chance. If we die in 2012, it will be a saving grace.

I'm Wiccan, I believe Christians are ******** in the head and need to be slapped into reality. To believe in a God that has supposedly forsaken you? I would rather die, to be honest.

Some people call me Loki, for other reasons. Some people just use my real name, and no, you won't know that. I'm 20, almost 21, and I kick a**...maybe. I hope for a better future, though I don't hold my breath.

I have a beautiful love, that I stand by any second I can, even if she drives me insane half the time. I love anyone who stands for who they are, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Drag, or just plain weird. I hate normality, I hate trends. You, be the ******** who you are, and if people say you must be this or that, then ******** THEM. They have no right. This is your world, shape it the way you want it. Shape your own body/life the way you want it.

Young by Hollywood Undead

Roy Makio

I am the Justice of this rotting world.