its just me

Hey guys. I doubt anyone looks at my profile anymore lol. Right now, I'm 26 and it's been years since I've been on here. Most likely it'll be another couple of years till I get back on. I have 3 beautiful little girls, Charlene, April and Bennie. I'm not going to update the layout of my profile lol but a few of my pets that I have pictured there are dead now. Ursula, Fred, George, angel, the rats and angelique have passed on. I now have a puppy named Raphael, 3 new cats named Elsa, Zora and Samson, 2 parakeets named Rio and Storm and 2 fish, Ted Bundy and Jack the ripper. Not sure which one did it but one of them killed my other 2 fish who I didn't get the chance to name lol. I've been married since October 23rd, 2016, and I plan on joining law enforcement but at this point I'm not sure if I will. When I was new on here, I was so cringy lol, I am so embarrassed about it. I wish I could change that part of my past but whatever, the past is the past and I have 3 kids to look after now. I may be busy now a days, but my kids always brighten my day and make me smile. Or want to pull my hair out lol. But my gosh, just remembering when I first joined this site. It was so long ago. It'd be nice if I could go back every once in a while.