Hello~! I am Roxti
That's it, thats the only name you will know me by

As for my interests...I like to roleplay, watch anime, sometimes draw
I mostly play games in my spare time (which is always)

I am a big time fan of One Piece

I highly enjoy playing Honkai Impact 3rd and Honkai Star Rail
I ******** HATE Genshin Impact. Get that thing away from me....

I started on Gaia a long time ago, started some roleplays and were apart of some.
I took a break for a couple of years before coming back
lets just say inflation seems to have become a big problem around here...

My closest friend and basically sister is Halfling Puppet

If you have any further questions about me then I recommend you send me a PM.


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27 | Female | Gaian Roleplayer, not ERP| Gamer
Constantly Questing for Anubis Color-Themed Items and coco kitty items!

【Honkai Impact 3rd. Fansong】 CHRYSALIS - Song of Perdition