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Alice Rose's Journal

How my Day starts and how it ends{usually freakin crappy!}


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What MY style is



Ohk myi naym is Alice, ima tewl yew a wittle abowt meself... hmmmmmmmmmm......
k fiwrst off i wite like dis on purpous if yew dont wike it yew can get over it!And if you have a problem with ballerinas...
u aint gonna like me....this ballerina will kick your a**!!!
I'm in de 8fh gradee...amd itt sucks!!! Yewll seaa me use dowts awot.... cuz
ima ubsesed wifh dem! I'm not gay i juwst realllwy wik RAINBOWS!!
uhhhhhmmmmmmm....I'ma vampiwer/dinasour eiter way ima eat yew awwwl gown!(jk)
Ima punk...not emo....
myi favourite sayin is This is me...Take it or leave it...Just remember im not all RAINBOWS and sunshine!
*cold chill* oh thats anoter thing i cant stand cold chills!
I am like obbsesed with twilight! oh gotta go... remember love and RAINBOWS make the world go round!