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Last Login: 11/08/2012 4:26 pm

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/15


im veronica.... my friends call me ronniee blaugh
im fromm new york bitchezz whee soo come at mee talk2hand
i playy tonssaa sports (except cheerleadingg scream merpp. cheerleading)

oohh and im alwayss open to recievingg moneyy or giftss or trading, sweatdrop sooo yeaahh pm pleasee mrgreen

Questions often asked:
1. are you mexican? no. i wishh xp but i do speak spanishhh
2. isn't ronnie a boy's name? yes. but it's my nickname so gett over it
3. can you donate me money? hell noo. did you see my wishlist?
4. aren't new york girls stuck up and bratty? yes, however i am not. i may be fiesty on occasion, but im not a b***h.
5. wanna be my girlfriend? not really no

chatt mee to learn more rolleyes i think that's itt wink

gimmee a hug:3

this girl is my legitt best friendd sooo mess with her and ill make your life miserablee C;

I have a rediculously long wishlistt sooooo if you'd like to help me outt id be reaallyy gratefull:3

we're recruiting an army to fight off evil unicorns sooo.. we're pretty legitt(:

my bo<3