Hiya darlings!!!

I'm Reka (pronounced Reika, KK?).
I'm an Australian living in Hungary and
Gaia keeps me ALIVE!!!

I finished physics at uni (Astrophysics minor, Particle Physics major) and I'm now an native English teacher who is currently learning Japanese and Latin at the same time...yeah, I'm a baka...

If you haven't noticed I have a flare for the dramatic, when I'm in my crazy mood (and other wise as well, mind you) and can randomly alternate between that and my completely depressed F*#@ life and my who the f*@! cares attitudes completely without warning.
Please don't get offended by this.
Youré free to do so, but, mind you, it's not gonna do you any good...

From the above written paragraph, you may begin to wonder whether I am sound of mind.


I will deny anything to the contrary in a court of law...

If you'd like to be my freind, feel free to add me, just say why sweatdrop
It's not that I don't want any stalkers...I don't discriminate ( I'm rather one myself smile )
it's just that there are some people who will only add a friend, then start begging for stuff.

If your one of these people, then bugger off to leech off'f someone else.

Oh, yeah, and I love to RPG, so come and check out some of my guilds, and guilds of my friends (does that make any sense? *shrug* Who cares?!) and join us in the battle to save the Earth...or something... stare

Tah-tah darlings!!!


Work in Progress

So near, and yet, so far...

Where do souls go when they die before their allotted time? Lost between this world and the next in a dire Limbo where they linger listlessly, watching the Living World through ghostly portals, but sundered from it forever.

Or are they?

Travelling to the north of Japan to visit their grandparents in Aomori, the sibling pair Tadao and Kiyoko were caught up in the middle of a devastating train accident in which 57 people were killed.

Kiyoko died on impact.

Tadao suffered serious injuries, but recovered after a grueling 2 years.
Physically, at least.

___________________________** ¤ **_____________________________

This Journal is where I have decided I will write the basic background story for Takai Shinzui, a guild I am making. This story is, as far as I know, original, so please, do not steal any ideas, as I will find you and make your life hell. Have a n


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It's me... Robin in tights.

You should see how good I got now a days.
and how old I got too...
Tanya Kageryuu

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Tanya Kageryuu

Oh ho ho~
I wonder just how far Raya can go without being kicked the s**t out of xD
Tanya Kageryuu

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Tanya Kageryuu

Ah this is gonna be great >D
Imma post after I get home tho <3
Tanya Kageryuu

Report | 09/19/2013 1:47 pm

Tanya Kageryuu

Aweee yiissss. And Raya is naturally flirty too ;D
Tanya Kageryuu

Report | 09/19/2013 1:37 pm

Tanya Kageryuu

That blush tho! AHAHAHAHAHA. Ah man, be prepared. Raya is so gonna play on it xD

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Thanks R-chan ^^
Tanya Kageryuu

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Tanya Kageryuu

Gaah. Im not usually sick, but when the leaves start falling, you bet your best pair of panties Ill get sick somehow lol
black roses assasin wolf

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black roses assasin wolf

Thank you, I'm not sure what Shingeki no Kyojin, anime would guess?
Um, I mainly like old school and non mainstream anime's and manga. Kind of like my comic book tastes xd
Anime: Tenchi, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Sword Art Online( though I am horribly behind on it)...
Manga: Soulless, Under The Full Moon, Gate 7...
I have mainly been working on a fiction series by ILona Andrews at the moment though, I love to read 3nodding
Tanya Kageryuu

Report | 09/18/2013 2:19 pm

Tanya Kageryuu

I sure as s**t hope so *giggles* I hate being sick ; o;


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