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Name: Saya Risa Star

Age: Unknown to most but is the second born and only a few seconds younger than light, of all the Star children.

Sex: female

Species: she is half wolf and half dragon. however events throughout her life have made her part vampire as well. she is able to take human form either with red or black hair. the color of her hair varys with her mood and her state of mind.

Powers and abilitys:
Fire: she can create, control, and obsorb all types of fires. her body also creates a fire shield around her that is not always visible.

Darkness:She also uses darkness with her flames making her attacks even stronger. She has also learned how to use shadows aand darkness in many other ways.

Light: Her baby brothr gaara put some of his own power of light into her to protect her. although she only uses it to heal someone close to her.

History: At the age of 2 she was taken from her mother by her evil uncle along with her brother kid gaara (gaara for short). She was raised to kill and to fight. Her uncle used both of them to get rid of his enemys and forced them to kill dispite what they wanted. Over time it became natural to them to kill without histation. Little did her uncle know inside of her was a dark evil demon known as soji who had already taken over her soul and tainted it making her purely evil. When he had learned of this he had risa kill thier mother so that no one else could have her. Not knowing how to do nothing but obey she did so along with gaara. Around the age of 15 she over heard her uncle planing to kill her brother gaara cause of his demon and his power. Gaara had the power to distroy him and he was gonna have him killed cause of this. Gaara was and is the only thing that has been with her since she could remember and she lost control. Soji had taken over completlyand she annialated thier uncle killing him like he was nothing. She and her brother now alone went on doing what they did killing in order to survive until she they found thier "family" who they didn't know existed. She eventually grew to love them and became soft. Ret her twin sisters demon"GIN" found out about her having his younger brother soji inside her and the two sisters fought. Ret managed to seal soji up for a few years. She eventually broke the seal and gained soji's power to use at her own comand(with some agree ment between her and soji) Thier souls intertwined they protect eachother. She stoped killing for fun and tryed to live as a "good" girl. However .. due to recent events she will most likely turn back to what she once was. unlike her twin sister gin who is evil but hate's to fight... she is evil and loves too fight. The only things holding her back from turning pure evil once again is her kids and husband. But se might have to turn vil and use her ability's to kill those that threaten her famil. She will love watching her enemy's fall to her feet. Make them beg for thier live's and souls right before she kills them and take's thier souls for her own pleasure.
Wepons: hell sword, flame sword, twin dragon swords.

siblings"Light star, sora star, sana star, nightmare wolf star, gaara star, kiki star, sashu star, kohaku star, kyo star, fallen angel star,

kids: Shion, kira, katana, Suinn, zane, and angel.

Cousins: lee, wrath, tenchi

sibling inlaws:rose, saya, claire

close frends: lilyu, hiei, pup, fuzzy wuzzy, and lovia dovia


The co leader of the Hoseka Clan and His Kitty ^^
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