Name -julian myrie

personality- medium height, unmotivated, smart, loves math and english, perverted(^.^)

fav. hobby- art, music, games

fav. band- my chemical romance

fav. song- to the end

fav. singer- Gerard Way

fav. guitarist-Ray Toro

fav. bassist- Frank Iero

fav. Drummer-Joey Jordison

my type of girl- kind, smart, goth, gothish, or goth-like,beautiful, and definitely not a ******** prep(like, omfg)

fav. book- Umbrella Academy, by Gerard Way

fav. shows- naruto, code geass, bleach(go toshiro hitsugaya), deathnote, fooly cooly, cowboy bebop, gundam, and more

the best bands ever chemical romance, slipknot, offspring, lamb of god, guns n' roses, sambomaster, KoRn, 3 days grace, kings of leon, cannibal corpse, foo fighters, trapt, system of a down, oceano, oasis, 3 doors down, iron maiden, linkin park, red hot chili peppers, weezer, creed, paramore, panic! at the disco, five finger death punch, pencey prep, the killers, the academy is..., tokio hotel, AC/DC, the rasmus, K.I.S.S., metro station, wolfmother, slayer, eveanessence, thriving ivory, staind, avenged sevenfold, megadeth, metallica, strung out, bullet for my valentine, sky eats airplane, incubus, blink182(sorta), we the kings, 30H!3, pantera, fallout boy, gaslight anthem, black sabbath, nirvana, disturbed, job for a cowboy, all-american rejects, vampire weekend, deathcab for cutie, cobra starship, green day

top 5 gaia buds- xxxxcookie monsterxxxx, infinite shadowx, music35257lover,xxvelvet spiritxx, my chemical deathwish

top 5 real buds- jonathon bishop, aaron humphries, william kelly(xxxxcookie monsterxxxx), matthew gibbs, shelbee overby

status- goth

fav. word- fugitaiten(you hate someone so much you cant let them live)

crush- ******** off ha ha ha

fav. color- either black or purple

fav. sound- white noise

fav. game- .hack//g.u. 3 redemption

role model- Gerard Way(except for that gay kiss with frank iero)

fav. place- my closet(its just so peaceful there)

enemies- leutinent riza, katelynn manuel(shelbee dont tell her)

fav. bedtime band(puts me to sleep)- Vampire Weekend

Wanted Gaia Item- Vampire Hunter Hat

Best Real Friend-William Kelly

Best Gaia Friend-XxVelvet SpiritxX

Pets- Jaguar(black cat)

Weakness- just cant cry, even after a death(strange)

Strength- SMART

The few songs i can sing- to the end, im not okay, the end., cemetery drive, teenagers, mama, blood, angels on the moon, pork and beans, dead, cancer, headfirst for halos, psychosocial, dead memories, butchers hook, check yes juliet, let there be rock, handlebars, give em hell kid, i write sins not tragedies, gives you hell, beverly hills

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Book of the Damned

the dark book of depressed evil



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My Chemical Deathwish

Report | 07/22/2010 11:57 am

My Chemical Deathwish

Omfg your on! ninja

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hello. i just want to ask if u can lower the price of your elemental wings coz i'm planning to buy it not more than hundred thousand.
My Chemical Deathwish

Report | 04/30/2010 6:07 am

My Chemical Deathwish

Thanks :]
Lychee Sama

Report | 04/03/2010 9:11 pm

Lychee Sama

okkiess dokies artachokies i got s it (:
Lychee Sama

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Lychee Sama

okkies i sents ya an ad (:
Lychee Sama

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Lychee Sama

okkies i sents ya an ad (:
Lychee Sama

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Lychee Sama

okkies i sents ya an ad (:
Lychee Sama

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Lychee Sama

Sweetness mine is
Lychee Sama

Report | 04/03/2010 8:57 pm

Lychee Sama

I know right!!!!so what ya up to im on myspace!


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