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Birthday: 08/06



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Info. Oyea.

Name - Rebekah
Age - 13
Grade - 8th
Talent(s) - Writing, photography


Hair color - Light brown
Eye color - Brown
Weight - 80 lbs.
Height - 5"2


I'm not stupid, I know how to spell "Faverits". -.-
Favorites, of course.

Color - Burgundy
Season - Autumn
Food - Pasta
Drink - Dr. Pepper biggrin
Show - The Office
Animal - PENGUIN :O

The Music


The Killers
The Cure
Biffy Clyro
Katy Perry

My Playlist

Eminem - Spacebound
Cee Lo Green - Eff You (Oh no! >.<)
Katy Perry - Peacock
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Guilty pleasure alert x.x)
The Beatles - From Me To You (What can I say? I grew up listening to The Beatles! Legendary classics! And what's a playlist without a feel-good song, anyways?)
Barney and Friends - I Love You (Dude, I'm not serious.)

We Are Famillyyyy


Father - Tim [49]
Mother - Mary [46]
Sister - Angie [26]
Sister - Mandy [23]
Me - Rebekah [13]
Brother - Josh [11]
Sister - Abbie [10]

Just Some Facts

1. My toes are so flexible that I can easily pick things up with them.
2. I have freakishly long fingers and long legs.
3. I wear skirts, but I refuse to wear a dress.
4. I like to wear clothes that look like I came from the 60-70's.
5. I do not like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, the "Jo-Bros", etc. etc.
6. I don't have a crush on any celebrity you might think is even the slightest bit cute.
7. I love calendars with inspirational quotes.
8. I normally hate rap, but I love listening to Eminem--the situation I have with this, is that my parents hate anything close to rap, and they would definitely disapprove of me listening to him....if they ever found out >.>
9. I make many failed attempts to be humorous.
10. I'm a grammar Nazi!

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