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If you are here because I sent you a gift, you are welcome! I am not as active as I used to be here so I have decided to clean out my inventory by giving to those who are more active! Enjoy Gaia!! I know that I have!!!!


[♛] Rinioa.
{ eclectic, a princess, i m p a t i e n t, obsessive & optimistic }

gaia name meaning rini ( my OC ) + rinoa ( FF8 )
real name :: tiffie
location :: kentucky, usa
gender :: female
true age :: 30's
birthdate november 17th
true love :: my irl husband
furry love :: sephiroth - noctis
bestie love :: riisa, moonie, loony, piggie
joined gaia :: december 2004

gaia_sakura gaia_moon gaia_sakura

heart no longer active on gaia - thanks for the memories! heart


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shea the anti-venom Report | 12/18/2022 11:02 am
shea the anti-venom
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart Heya momma!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
shea the anti-venom Report | 11/24/2022 2:54 pm
shea the anti-venom
heart heart heart miss you
Adelaide_Lynn Report | 07/23/2022 7:23 pm
amorremanet Report | 02/23/2022 11:52 am
Love your avi! heart
Adelaide_Lynn Report | 10/03/2020 6:13 pm
Lacus-sama Report | 04/01/2020 8:34 pm
Yes, I found your name while I was perusing my old guilds. I think I may have made some art for you a long while back; your nickname "Rini" sounds very familiar. Ah well, you's just the old-age dementia kicking in at my ripe age of 30. crying
Lacus-sama Report | 03/30/2020 8:17 pm
So picture this Gaian returning to this world after who-knows-how-long, somehow finding your name in an old guild she was a part of...and wondering: "How in the world can I remember a name, but not how I knew the Gaian?"

Please put me out of my misery and help me connect the dots to how you and I possibly know each other/met? If not, please ignore this old, nostalgic Gaian. gonk
KuroKageHane Report | 01/27/2020 8:32 pm
Lol same!! Though I’m usually not in animal base tbh. xD
It’s my first time going animal. I think I did a pretty decent job. 3nodding
lycan_princess_Kioki Report | 12/26/2019 3:43 pm
heart heart heart heart heart heart merry late christmas!!! money has been a bit tight this year but I almost cried when I got your card thank you!! heart
-Lunar Ice goddess- Report | 12/26/2019 10:29 am
-Lunar Ice goddess-
love you too ^^ you're welcome <3