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Robin_Sena_11 Report | 12/03/2011 6:17 pm
lordy lord lord i was looking at my past comments and saw urs ....for the life of me i cant remember who u r :/
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Le mien!

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Tee hee, I win!

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Hiya!!! just lookin through some pages and saw urs, nice pp and avi - Sammy!! User ImageUser ImageUser Image
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If you want to join a guild please join the :Ninja's attack force. But, there is two requirements,you must have a blade or blades and your avatar must woth 40k or more!

thank you and please join!
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hey nice profile
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hey how are u
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Sanku Sanku fo teh add
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Thanks for adding me!


Name: Rin Almase
Age: 18
Hight: 5'10''
Hair color: black
Eye: gold
Race: Moon Elf (sub- Fire Adept)
Gender: male
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weapons: Rin is trained to use both sai and the saber, and he is also a decent archer when need be. His weapon of choice is a long saber decorated with gold and rubys, the blade seems to be enchanted to have incredible durability and is resistant to intense heat. The blade also has an affinity for fire and thus while its heat resistance is high it will not melt, but it can also pick up heat from near by sources to deal heat and fire damage. When Salamander is released this weapon is known as Av'nishear, or Flame Tongue, due to its fiery appearance.


pyromancy- Rin has quite an extensive list of fire spells, a lot of which he has created himself. One key feature of Rin's fire magic is that since he is a flame adept his spells for this element are twice as powerful as their normal versions, and four times as powerful when in salamander form, this is to compensate for the loss of the ability to use the other three elements.

Witch Sight- a passive magic that Rin was born with giving his eyes their golden color, this ability allows him to see things others can not, even someone under a powerful invisibility spell would appear to Rin as a blurry figure, while someone under a weak one or something under magical camouflage would appear normally to him as though the spell weren't in place. this also allows him to see spirits while in their invisible or ethereal forms.

Wolf form- another passive magic feat of Rin's, this one however runs through his his entire home village. It grants the ability to shape shift into a wolf form that has fur matching the shifters natural hair color and eyes matching the shifters eyes

Elemental Form and abilitys:

aspect of salamander- Rin gains direct control over the temperature around him over a small radius and also a passive immunity to fire magic. Changes in his body that occur are that his fingernails become claws and he develops fangs. His body increases production of fire mana at a rate that it actually spills out of his body and into his aura. His fire magic becomes twice as powerful as it normally is. While in this form he also has pryokinesis, the ability to manipulate ambient flames. One other key ability of this form is that his blood becomes hot, and he can make any blood outside his boy burst into flames.

Background: Rin grew up away from any large citys, however the small town he did live in was razed to the ground when he was very young. After he had fled from the burning rubble he wandered the woods for several days, bordering starvation. By sheer luck he happened across a squad of mercenarys heading home from a recent job they had been assigned to and they agreed to take him back with them. He stayed and trained with them for many years deciding that would be his career in life, a sword for hire. However after a slight power struggle within the guild it split into two rival factions

wolf form:
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions.




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Rin's Journal - Nekkris

As you look down at the worn, dust covered book in front of you the name of its owner can be seen etched faintly into the leather near the base, the pages to seem worn as they now bear the yellowish color of old parchment