; ohh bby



i am RileyHysteria but not actuly, hahaha...because i rather not be facebook stalked. lmfao. so..yea thats my "gaia" name. haha wow...so cheessy
Im in grade 10 going to 11...grad 2012! smile
I dont really come on here anymore...use to be obseessed in grade 6-8 lmfao
i'm not-so-secretly obsessed with Paramore kinda love them
Im a christian, god is defaitly my homeboy smile <3
i'm a dork. i know this.
i'm a klutz. i know this, too.
Im somehow..made it on my schools cheer team..im not a dancer..so it was a shock!
My heart is guarded and i aint a fool, ive been throught stuff and its made me strong
i don't care about any s**t you have to say about me, its like i deal.
i tend to randomly break out in song and dance smile
and canada is were its at.