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'ello! 'ello!

Holy shizzle! it's been a while....a real LONG while! DX
well hi there! obviously I haven't been on in ages. (Gaia used to be fun then...I don't know what happened now its not fun anymore DX) and if I haven't said anything to you back for..ages. >.<; I apologize. but mostly I'm busy in my deviant art account if you really want to see me. XD *just click on the pink paintbrush and tada! your there! :3 I'm also gonna make alittle mini website for me and my web videos and other talents. so that's coming up soon.

Okie Dokie then as you know, the name is Riki. but I have many names and that's fine. I can be the nicest person you'll ever meet, with dorkyness and hilarious genius. I like to be a dork and like to make people laugh. smiles are the greatest! :3 waw well what else do I do... well I work, draw, make things, model into costumes, and all that other jazz. but hey I'm grown and try to make things in life alittle better even if times are hard as hell at times. but hey I'm alive, have friends, family, sketchbook, opportunities and music on my side. can't ask for anything else. well that's it for now...I'm just working on making another profile for me self. P:

well bye byes!

about Riki

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Favorite Things
Rabbits (and Mr. Fuzzywuffles), Ipod, Japaneses Food, Pajamas, pokemon plushies, costumes, and sketchbook.

Music, sweet pastries, movies, yuri, games, costumes, Lolita outfits, plushies, Nintendo 64, Roses, singing, art, fashion, feeling like I'm on a adventure, laughing, and dressing up.

Twilight (True Blood and Anne Rice is better than that piece of s--t, that's how real vampires rolls), homophobs, not being able to look at my best, hard work being wasted, stuck up/rude people, and the hardcore pervs.

Why I like Yuri So Much?

Its very romantic and breathtaking, has that soft feel to it. but not in a perverted way like everyone else or what they think of it. it so much better than yaoi. support it just not a big fan every other fan girls are...its not that romantic at all to me. : / It never get old two see that females can make a little thing call love more alive (in my opinion) and it can prove that a couple in the same sex section has a right to have that kind of love like that. I like it very much. I'm proud to say I'm a yuri fan. but not in a horndog way, since alot of people don't understand that or won't get their mind out of the gutter stare

P.S I really really hate it when perverted guys ruined the Yuri moments.

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Kannazuki No Miko
Strawberry Marshmallow
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Cased Closed (Detective Conan)
Cowboy Bebop
Air Gear
Black Lagoon
Shin Chan
Strawberry Panic
Samurai Champloo


The Princess and The Frog
Mary Poppins
Spirited Away
Beauty and The Beast
The little Mermaid
Atlantis the Lost Empire
9 (Tim Burton's awesome stitch punk Apocalypse movie XD)
Interstella 5555


Family Guy
Project Runway
scream queens
Robot Chicken


Kingdom Hearts
Pac Man
Zelda: Orcainia of time
(lead me to love old 1920's to 1950's jazz music, retro fashion and sexy cars XD I LOVE IT!)
Gears of war
(...I have a deep love for it and I want to ride the cole train baby! XD)
Assassins creed
(I jersey fist pump when I just assassinated someone XD)
Pokemon (old Skool I hate the new ones)