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Birthday: 09/21

Occupation: Shopper


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name: Lis
Birthday: 22/09 (expecting presents razz )

dream avatars -donations welcome and thanks in advance

Item List:
Gift of the Goddess
Picolitrosso's Urn 3rd Gen.
Picolitrosso's Urn
Padmavati's Lotus
Picolitrosso's Urn
Infernal Spirit 2nd Gen
Kokeshi Kimono
zOMG Ribbon

Item List:
White Stockings
Ribbon Luv Sleeves White
Snow Feather
Enchanted Book 5th Gen.
Enchanted Book
Enchanted Book 6th Gen.
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer 3rd gen.

Item List:
Queen Bee
Queen Bee
Frostbite Blade
Pure White Sweet Lace Rockinghorse Shoes
Infernal Spirit
Picolitrosso's Urn 10th Gen.
Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Fremere's Guard 2nd Gen.

out of this world avatar
User Image
Total Value: 1,450,477 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Divided Stars
Yemaya's Pearl 8th Gen.
Victoribelle Bastille Black Lace Fan
Fluorite Borealis
Moonstone Borealis
Divided Stars
Divided Stars
Divided Stars

total gold questing for: User Image

u know the drill, leave a message if u dont wanna pm me

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Nirimint Report | 05/15/2014 12:15 pm
OMGGGGG!!!! emotion_kirakira I missed you!!
I just came back a couple days ago mrgreen everything's so different....
What made you come back?! emotion_c8
Gerchu Report | 01/08/2011 8:27 am
hiii!!! such a long long time! how are you? whee
Nirimint Report | 11/27/2009 2:03 pm
hows it going
ucaldra Report | 10/02/2009 7:47 am
biggrin you´re getting your hair done? =) new color? or just a trim? something else?
well i think i´m getting ill again sad
ucaldra Report | 09/29/2009 8:13 am
omg xD
so how are you lately? =)
ucaldra Report | 09/28/2009 10:04 am
User Image sounds awful
*very lazy*
Gerchu Report | 09/27/2009 7:07 pm

I feel really ashamed for this but since the 21st that I want to tell you sth but I keep loging in and out withoug remebemberin to do it goes:

happy birthday! 4laugh
sorry for not doing it before...I had too many thing in my mind that made me be a bit absent minded and worried about other stuff...sorry! I hope you can forgive me redface
ucaldra Report | 09/26/2009 3:32 pm
biggrin well i am fine ^^
and you`?
llx_When_Angels_Cry_xll Report | 09/26/2009 10:57 am
XDLLMAO!!! i just saw ur message on niris profile and wat do u mean is angel behaving????!! i always behave smile
ucaldra Report | 09/25/2009 2:08 pm
next year ^^at the 12th june


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join this amazing clan
just click the link. u know u want to. ^^
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