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call me.

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my pretties!

i have many fans. yes, all three of you. Well, now a little more...

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and now a few words from the man himself:

It seems you have made it to my account page. Other than the pretty picture of a city and the sound of music you probably don't like in the distance, there is not much here. Nope, not much at all. Unless you want to read about my 'interests' and, err...what i'm wearing. Which frankly sounds disturbing to me.

So...what's in the news today...cupcakes? Anyone like cupcakes? Personally I feel they are superior to the muffin, as they have a wonderful amount of teeth-rotting icing in them. Perfect. In fact, they are doubly better with skittles in them. Would say smarties ,or M & Ms, but the Skittles Police have invaded Gaia and they said I could come out of the box if I mention their franchise.

Things you might like to know about Reshev

1. Nothing.
2. Seriously, nothing.
3. Well, I do find lolcats funny.
4. And i err, like muffins. Talking muffins especially.
5. I'm confused about people that love looking at user pages.
6. I have a guitar. I never said I could play guitar, I just said I had one.
7. Although I do not play songs on my guitar, I like listening to music. Alternative rock, mainly. Like the Gaia classic 'Can I put you on my Friends list?'. The song goes for eight minutes. Most of the lyrics consist of 'plz' and 'wtf'. Well, I made that up but that's no reason not for it to exist.
8. I also enjoy futilely typing into my Gaia user page as I have lots of time. Lots and lots. No, not eternity.
9. Other than that, nope, I have no life.
10. Alright, I do kind of have a life. Otherwise I'd be dead, or at least undead.
11. Goths would love me if I was the latter, but alas.
12. Well, maybe. I don't think many people would like a physically deteriorating undead person. They'd be like 'kiss me, Reshev!' and my lips would fall off and then there'd me maggots and dancing skeletons, and...lots of nightmare fuel.

and now some soothing music. no! don't go away!!!

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and these be some comments

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NathanCheverie Report | 04/23/2009 11:38 pm
Love the page, songs are great.
_Mister_Papu_ Report | 04/23/2009 4:42 am
oooo scary

nonexistent musings of a reshev

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The Lost Journals of Reshev

Not an long lost artifact, but rather text from a obscure Gaia user called Reshev. Who, to be honest, gets bored and sometimes scribbles on the computer screen while on Gaia. But who doesn't, I ask you? Anyway, this is just some things I wrote.


Don't be intimidated by large walls of text! Instead, imagine a cute cuddly cat, and you'll find your worries go away. Like the imaginary one below this text. It's a very cute imaginary cat. I'd like to hug it, and I'm just a text box!

Actually, don't. You might hurt


Oh, this is just lordcodicus. He's always like this.

Screw the information about me! I have news. -fanfare- I arted! Well, I wrote a story called 'Blueberry Muffin'. It's not that bad, I promise... Just read it and see for yourself.