· · · If you want to know me · · ·

I'm known as (Bumblebee) - (Bum) + (Rawr) = (Rawrblebee).
Hmmm... About me...
I'm against superficiality, which we see so much of everywhere, especially online. What I mean by that is… THERE’S MORE TO PEOPLE THAN BODIES.
I also have a problem with people who can't spell or use grammar. I actually can't read mispellings and “comma-less” writing.
But I try not to hate. Hating is bad. Don't do it.
If you communicate with me, know this: I have convictions. So if I come off as totally sardonic, know that that's the reason.
I spell like this: colour, favourite, flavour, and grey. If you're bothered by any of that, don't talk to me.
I’m not this petulant (easily annoyed) in real life. If I was, I probably wouldn’t have any friends.
Yes, I have friends. (Surprise, surprise.)
I like animation. And GIF's. As you can see.
I play Pokemon games on my SP at school. Yeah, b***h. Yeah.
Yes, that’s Loki Laufeyson... Marvel and comic books in general are amazing. (So is Tom Hiddleston, in case you didn't know...)
So that's really it.
Love me, like me, hate me.... It's all up to you...