Hey there. I'm 22 and mostly gay. Face.
I drink, I smoke. I try to stick around.
I like to flirt, even though I'm pretty bad at it.
Especially in Towns. ide okay. . n.

I have a pet, she's my best friend.
She's a tarantula; her name is Toniā™„

Honestly, I'm not that social in real life,
despite how much I may talk here on Gaia.
Lots of s**t's going on in my life.
For the most part, I'm not happy about any of it.
Little things'll keep me going though, I guess.

I've more or less quit Gaia.
But I'm finding myself here more often than not.
Mostly out of boredom, as you could guess.
Then there are some good friend's as well.
If they're still around themselves, actually.

PM me, loves. I miss you. ; n;