Death destruction Immortal verse
this is the life of one mans curse
walking forever this dreaded earth
in a dead mans body regreting Birth

Waking In the shadow Lands
An Evil Man saved My Hands
My empty red eyes could not see
what was about to become of me

Magic murdered and dragons slayed
By My black and bloody hands day by day
Then came a young lady elf so fair
To Ellewyn My Life i sweared

A child Born and an assasin I became
My life from then never the same
Then evil Gorik stormed My Parade
And stole My Ladies Life away

I swore from then His death I'd see
would be done by none other then me
Unwillingly I served His Mad Dream
Him not Knowing of My Scheme

More Dragons died but one I Spared
Now was the time I was Prepared
with Blackheart I would stand strong
My plans Now could not go wrong

The death of Rork and Moonlash Gone
To the Lady Aniya I was Drawn
Her cause was mine and Mine Was her dream
To be rid of Goric was our scheme

And so together we were bound
no better Pair could be found
An Army raised to help the deed
This world would soon Be freed

From the curse that started by my hand
I would erase evil from the land
from evil good would come about
from death life would show inside out


Raven's Introspections

This Is the humble yet egotistical me (oxymorons much)


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Thank you kindly. :]
I'll leave you on for now and we'll see what happens. ^^;
a homeless guy

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a homeless guy

How are things with you?

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Thank you very much for helping me with my Ultimate Player achievement. :]
It seems that I managed to earn it, so you're free to remove me at this point if you wish.

If you don't want to be removed from my friends list, please respond by Fri, July 26th. Thank you again for your time. ^^
a homeless guy

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a homeless guy

Hey I stop playing on gaia during the school year. I would be too distracted.
a homeless guy

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a homeless guy

Were you playing in there before me?
lPanda x3

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lPanda x3

Thank You For Your Purchase <3
ll KawaiiNekoYui ll

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ll KawaiiNekoYui ll

(reply to ur status)
Because idiots are ppl too ^_^

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Thanks for the help with the Hive Mind whee
Prince Relukin

Report | 07/02/2013 11:51 am

Prince Relukin

the wish jumped back up
Stripes The Ninja

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Stripes The Ninja

cool avi


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