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cyberpunk skeleton

Report | 02/22/2018 2:12 pm

cyberpunk skeleton

apologies from me as well now, a mixture of procrastination and forgetfulness having once again joined forces. i even had this in an open tab and was about to answer last night when i got distracted by something and only today realised because the tab was still saved here that i'd never gotten back to it HNNNNNNG User Image I JUST ALMOST DID IT AGAIN User Image oh my god send help

update: even more murders all over around my local area, mostly stabbings, now about even for kids and adults. what is happening? i am never leaving my house again.

it kills me. the worst is when something i was looking forward to slips off the face of the world and i end up forgetting because i basically have no attention span anymore, then i find it having fallen behind something, but it's too late now, it's been so long the thing has evolved and grown legs and i have to burn it to save the world from being destroyed. User Image
i'll call it something like "ode to hoarding" and get famous!

i wouldn't mind as much if it was stuff i didn't care about, but randomly i became unable to eat rice noodles, which are the only gluten-free noodles i can find, and one of my absolute faves, so now any noodle will just lead to terrible intestinal distress. User Image

hopefully you're able to balance everything out and not get overwhelmed ;A; and also hopefully with a nice bonus of still having some leisure time to yourself to unwind

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You're welcome. :>
And thank you. biggrin

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Beautiful avvy.
cyberpunk skeleton

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cyberpunk skeleton

hey, no worries! i'm terrible at either remembering, procrastinating or even just gathering the right mental energy OTL

well i'm slowly getting there...slowly. orz

another murder happened recently right by where i live ;A; random stabbing in the street at night. another good reason to stay inside. although drive-bys and gang issues sound even more scary.
i think we both need to lock ourselves up inside to stay safe *hug*

i have learned to utilise the having of leftovers quite well, but that just makes it sad when something ends up still being too much or just no longer suitable to eat for whatever reason. i hate wasting anything. which comes with the clinging into anything and everything in case i might need it later, too. i don't think i've ever needed to use many things i've hoarded for later use, but you never know. might want to make some random sculpture out of specific types of things one day, then it'll come in handy!

i do like mashing vegetables into potatoes, so just mashing them alone or with one another would probably be just as good! i miss cauliflower, my IBS suddenly decides sometimes that i can no longer eat something, even if it was fine literally a few days ago. random stuff, like cauliflower or fresh garlic being used in something, paste and powder are fine (for now), but fresh stuff sets it off. and pasta with a tomato sauce. no idea why, and considering IBS is barely understood by medical science it's no wonder i guess. it just comes down to "well if your stomach reacts to something don't eat it anymore *shrug*"

i'm not too bad, thankfully! emotion_c8 hope the same's true for you, too!

cyberpunk skeleton

Report | 01/21/2018 12:50 pm

cyberpunk skeleton

maybe i should get a pet rock to try and prepare for if i ever have to take care of kids. if i can manage not to kill that, then maybe there's hope.

yeah, while i had an occasional fight with my family i was pretty much the same, i hated myself rather than my family. i had plenty of rage for a lot of things, but i don't think i ever directed it at anyone, just bottled it up inside to fester! sweatdrop

well considering somewhere nearby me made it onto the national news again for a murder, i think i'm definitely safer inside. that being said is was a domestic dispute, so...as long as i don't piss anyone in my family off enough i guess i'm fine? oh i know aaaall about that, my social anxiety is preeetty bad, and it fluctuates a lot, some days i'm not up to any socialisation at all, which isn't great if i absolutely have to. thankfully anything necessary is usually visiting a doctor or something, so i'm in a place where it's fine for me to not hide my horrific anxiety and lack of social energy. xD

i think truly becoming an adult it when you stop yourself from overeating so much you feel ill. the day you look at the food and think "i can't do it. not again." recognising the pain is not worth it. a sad but necessary day.
i was basically a hoarder as a kid, thankfully it's gotten significantly better, but i still find it hard to part with so many things. i get waaay too sentimental, or i think i'll definitely have a use for it in the future. especially cute little knickknacks, i just tuck them away into little containers and keep them as a mini-hoard. good luck with moving! hopefully it will only reach minimum levels of stressful-ness, since i don't think a non-stressful move is possible.

there are few things you can't mix up with potatoes eat. i wonder if that would work as a way to get kids to eat vegetables, just mushing everything together, as long as they like mashed potatoes.
cyberpunk skeleton

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cyberpunk skeleton

i don't even want to own a pet by myself, let alone a kid! waaay too much responsibility for me. i'd kill a pet rock. OTL plus, you get to be cool, you show up with gifts and take them fun places, then hand them back over to their folks when it's over.
teenage chemicals are even more confusing, even after having been through it i barely understand it. it's just a time of great confusion and doing many things you will look back on and cringe very hard at later. all i know about the kids is they enjoy the "dabbing" but that's about it. oh, and flipping water bottles and getting them to land the right way up.

i really do prefer just stewing inside the house and maybe going into the outside world only when absolutely necessary, or for something particularly interesting. as long as i've got an internet connection i'm pretty much set.

we're all slowly getting through it, and it certainly means we don't have to buy any more treats for a while as we make our way through the pile! thankfully we manage to keep the decorations under control. though i think something has to get super destroyed before we throw it away. it just stays tucked away somewhere else even if it never gets used again out of sentimental value.

i think almost any meat is fine in a stew, after all the point is mostly to just throw everything left over in a pot and then eat it for the most part, so the actual details aren't as important as other dishes lol! oh, the pastrami is in fact the same! but the corned beef is definitely different! over here it's this, basically the beef version of spam, but it does also come in sliced form! i'd guess definitely worse for you, but it's still delicious, especially mixed up with mashes potatoes and mustard. but i do enjoy stodgy foods!

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new Yoda

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so troubling

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