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Gender: Male

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Occupation: Chef

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A world longing to be explored.

Raszra, a spirited and cheerful young Icarii boy who's mother died giving birth to him. Shortly after his wings began to bud; his father was captured and publicly executed by a neighboring country during a war which has long since ended. Because of this, he learned of great compassion from the others of his people, who all took him in whenever he was in need. His race is well known for their distinct characteristics: their wings, which are often colored according to their heritage; and their extremely long life expectancies. Due to their unusually long lifespans, it is necessary to teach their young the ways of Life and to understand and cherish every aspect of it. Sparing him no details of his parents' fates as he was growing up, they taught him the sometimes harsh realities of death and suffering, and to understand how and why things happen the way they do.

Because of his upbringing, he believes that the only meaning of life is to experience as much of it as one can. So he set out, to explore the world and it's mysteries, to see what he could and know all there is to know. In his travels he has learned a little in the ways of magic, he has slain some, and saved others, and has taken a great liking to Art of any and all forms. He takes much interest in the company of others, gladly offering his own in return to those who feel alone.

Raszra often keeps his own experiences recorded in a small notebook he personally entitled "Notes from a Student of Life" and though his sight is far beyond that of the average human, he is often seen donning small reading glasses. When asked of this, he merely smiles and claims that he enjoys wearing them. He never records others' personal stories unless requested to do so; and his notes are happily shared with any who are curious enough to ask. Enjoying the stories of others to a fine drink, or perhaps a nice draw from his Kiseru, are much cherished pastimes indeed!


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Notes From a Student-Artist of Life

My personal notes, observations, philosophies, and experiences in Life and beyond.



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