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Questing for Black Body Dye
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Welcome questing knight

Are thou looking for the damsel in distress? She hath left a few hours ago. Said she'd return after her 3'o clock appointment. While we wait for her return and our fight to ensue, why not chew the fat for a while. T'is better then waiting here bored for her magesty.

Alright, now back to reality for a sec.

Hello visitor, Welcome to my Gaia Online page.

I am guessing you came here expecting someting epic or were just browsing around for some gold and found your way to my little corner on here.

I won't lie to ya, at this point I'm not planning to do too much more to this page then what is already here. Perhaps a movie or two of my most recent animations, but nothing to big.

I consider myself to be an artist of sorts and my prefered dimentions are somewhere within the second and third area (Check my DA gallery in my sig to find out what the heck I mean by that) and I use a very wide variety of mediums from the traditional like charcoal, pencils and polymer clay, to the fancy programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya.

Anything else one would need to know beyond that is mostly privy information that I'd rather not reveal, so if you wish to call me by any name, I'd prefer Ras or Rasiel.

Well, that would be enough information from the real me, so I shall release you back to the show that was already in progress (don't worry, you didn't miss too much. If anything I just saved you from having to listen to many high pitched noises, long droning conversations, and soo much boring speach that it would probably put you to sleep).


Ya know what metal man... Yer alrigh *Hic* alright. I.. I can't leave ya with such a head*Hic*ache like that pink bimbo. Tell ya what, you skewer while I roast 'er. She'll never see it comin. You can tell the king later that she was saved earlier by those weird guys in those ti*Hic*-tights and that they left the kingdom with 'er. He'll believe that, the ol fool.

That guy'll b b-beli*Hic*believe anything. Ooh I think I hear that lytch now. On da count-a-three...

Thr*Hic*- THREE!!!

Hioh, Real world me again. Looks like we might have missed quite a bit more then I originally thought. Ooops smile


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Northern_Nighthawk Report | 11/28/2009 1:11 am
Thanks for your purchase! Cheers!

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