Animal info sheet

If you really want to find me, it'll be on FFXIV (Phoenix) or on

Since I've lost interest in Gaia, I'm selling and giving away my entire inventory, except for 2 outfits. If you got something from me, I found you randomly and your wishlist had an item on it that I had lying around.

gaia_diamond Female, 38, danish, engaged, mom... it's a boy

gaia_kittenstar I have a Corgi with a hyperactive bobtail. His name is Sir Arthur Corgi Doyle

gaia_kittenstar I have no more playbunnies... rest in peace Fiona (Jan 14th 2015) and Frida (Nov 3rd 2015), I love you both

gaia_star I speak danish, german and english... in that order

emotion_bigvein Don't beg, and don't ask for donations. I'm no charity!