Hello, welcome to my profile. You may call me Ragdollith,Ragdoll,Dolly - Whatever you want really.
I'm a little strange to say the least, my moods change quickly but I believe I'm a nice person. Mainly.
I say things that are often completely irrelevant and often totally random. But that’s just me. I also tend to tell the bitter truth. Sorry but If you ask for my opinion- That’s what you get. My Opinion. I don't do sugar coating.

I'm from England, but I'm often on late, I live in the town Lewis Carrol spent the first 11 years of his life. Lucky me.

I love to write, I usually write poems and fanfiction. I either write too long or too short a story.I roleplay a lot, I'd like to think myself semi-literate to literate

I listen to a lot of music, it is practically 4/5 of my life. I listen to music depending on my mood so of course I end up switching a lot.
My favourite artists/Bands are Evanescence,Muse,X-ray Specs,Within Temptation,Sugarcult, The White Stripes, The Spill Canvas and others within the genres, Rock,Gothic Rock,Punk,Techno ect.
But I have to say I adore Ali Project, a Japanese band.

I read an awful lot, its varies from actual novels to manga.
Alice In Wonderland is my favourite story ever.
The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice is my favourite series.
I loved Harry Potter.
Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse I refuse to accept Breaking Dawn as the ending. I hated it and would rather not go into a debate.
Stephen King.
I like Darren Shan also.
Though I read a lot more manga it seems.

My favorite anime and manga are:

Loveless,Monochrome Factor,Gravitation,Gakuen Alice,Vampire Knight,Death Note,Sugar Sugar Rune,La Corda D'oro,Fruits Basket,Beauty Pop, Ghost Hunt, Dnangel, Model. Shugo Chara, Kamichama Karin, Yami No Matsuei...And tonnes more.

Yes I am a yaoi fangirl.

I don't watch many films but I love
Interview with the Vampire
Sweeney Todd
Nightmare Before Christmas
Corpse Bride
Edward Scissorhands
Blood And Chocolate
Spirited Away
The Cats Return
Bruce Almighty
Dog Soldiers
Saw ('s)
The Lost Boys

This is all I can really say about me, feel free to drop me a comment or pm.
Pip Pip, RagDollith


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Hello. Long time no speak.
How are you anyways?
XlX Sakura Haruno XlX

Report | 02/19/2009 9:05 am

XlX Sakura Haruno XlX

Hey!Thank ya very much for buyin' the Enchanted Strings"!!!!=P
d i n o z a u r z

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d i n o z a u r z

ha >.< add meh ? smile

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Look for me in the arenas (in a million years)
d i n o z a u r z

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d i n o z a u r z

>.< lol kool i only know sora from kingdom hearts nothing else lol razz
d i n o z a u r z

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d i n o z a u r z

haha i forget is that sora on your profile ?
d i n o z a u r z

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d i n o z a u r z

hi nice profile and ty for buying wink

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Lol, another Ayame fan aye. I am claiming ownage of Akito.

Report | 10/10/2008 3:22 pm


Indeed it is a long time no speak.

Yes Kyo kun is awesome. I am claiming ownage of him.


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