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That is all because im so bored. but i might as well tell the story of this Friday when Taylorr came over. it was really fun actually. we speant all hours at the tv watching barbie movies. we watched them all ALL!!! and bratz movies. we ate cool ranch doritos and ALSO WATCHED ANIME OFCOURSE. she fell asleep first during the 12 dancing princesses then i watched the end then LEFT HER ON THE COUCH BECAUSE SHE WAS HOGGING IT THEN and slept in my bed. then she woke me up saying she wanted to sleep in jessicas room with me NOT LIKE THAT U PERVERTS so we went to sleep in there, woke up the next morning TAYLORR HAD EFFING ALERGIES. so we watched more barbie. and like every 10 minutes i swear to God she would come out of the bathroom with another roll of toilet paper every 10 minutes I SWEAR and then after she was using them she crumbled it into a little a** ball and put it on the coffee table, there was like a mountain of tissues. no joke...XD then we watched more barbie and played Naruto theme crap on the piano, prank called alexis but she never answered and a random chick called and i just hung up on her. i mean..what friend of mine is calling from Nebraska?! XDDDD then we ate huge a** cinnomin rolls I DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL THAT WORD GRRR and were annoyed with TOMMY THE GIRL x3 and made alot of inside jokes. made fun of ppl's last names!!! :3 thats my bestfriend taylorr for ya, been hanging out with her more than anyone. and i Love Taylorr with all my heart. whoever doesnt...you'll feel my fist in ur face XD anyways, shes my Soul sista! And this profile is our theme <3333