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Helo there, I am Pyrokinetic_tangerine
and this is mine shop.
I like to make deals so if you have an offer please bring it up to me,
we'll see what we can work out User Image

All funds go the ....
Buy more Chocolate Chocobos for Cloud fund
And all donations are accepted ;3
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Last Login: 04/16/2015 5:42 pm

Registered: 12/03/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Forever lost in the confines of my mind

Wanna know about me?

Hi It's me PyroTangy
If your Reading this than that means you want to know more about me..... I shall comply to this!

My Chinese zodiac : the Sheep (Bahhhh)
My western Zodiac : Gemini ( Ah twins!)
My favorite Animal : Fox (Foxes are the sweetness)
My favorite Food : Potatoes and Bread ( The food of an Irish lass)
My favorite color : Orange! or Pink (not "oh look at me im pretty pretty pink" Oh no It's I am mysterious and awesome)
My favorite Board Game : Apples to Apples ( Its the only game which Lobsters turn flirtatious and Road Kill is ever so cuddley)
My favorite Video Game : Kingdom Hearts 2 and Katamari ( Who doesnt like a disney spin off and a game where you stick random things to a ball?)
My favorite flavor of Ice Cream: Black Raspberry Chip ( Im a complicated person; I cant help it)

I'm a red-head ( it's actually more orange sweatdrop ) girl who goes to College (OSU). I sing all the time even though I'm not very good and Dance around even though I can't dance. I would die a horrible and miserable death without my friends ( I luff them), and I like to draw and other stuffs like that. Ummmmm hmmmmm
My life can be quite interesting, it is very disfunctional but funny at the same time. But who isnt a little off the muffin?

People who have creeped my Profile!!


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C3rebr4l B0re Report | 01/06/2012 9:00 am
Really long time no see. Hows life?
cherryrosepetals Report | 11/07/2011 11:13 am
OMG YOU LIKE OHSHC?? 4laugh I can't wait until next season! heart
Riza_Sakurazaki Report | 06/17/2011 10:19 pm
cuute avi!!
drunken_applesauce Report | 05/05/2011 9:25 am
OMG!!!~Do you go to Ohio State?? Im in Ohio!~ Toledo area actually smile
drunken_applesauce Report | 05/05/2011 9:22 am
aww thank you! heart I spend alot of time in the freeb arts forum lol
julias-pajamas Report | 04/29/2011 8:13 pm
Kyyah~! Ouran= heart whee
C3rebr4l B0re Report | 07/11/2009 5:06 pm
Yeah "kid friendly" Did i tell you i saw that asian boy getting into spidermans van? Spidey was handing him a popsicle..... lol
If only if only. xD
C3rebr4l B0re Report | 07/09/2009 12:57 pm
I can't even imagine what that would look like. The whole trade-on-comment-pm thing. Anywhoo. Hes not thaaaaat fat in the photos, because when he was posing, i think he was sucking it in. But before he was posing right when we walked by, he was sitting there, and it sorta looked like a beer belly.
C3rebr4l B0re Report | 07/08/2009 8:52 pm
Actually! I have pictures of Spidey from the trip. It was right before we got on the ferry for Liberty and Ellis Island >,> ill put them on my profile because the gaia comment thing is being gay xD
C3rebr4l B0re Report | 07/08/2009 8:31 pm
That is cool. I didn't see anyone famous. Actually, i lie, i saw some jewish comedian that everyone was freaking out about. I took of a picture of him covertly for my cousin. xD

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Ha! The Journal of a Tangerine <3

I've got a story it's almost finished, now all I need is someone to tell it to maybe that's you.


My Name is Alyra and...I don't do drugs!

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