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Chibi Lady Isabella Report | 04/30/2019 9:15 pm
Chibi Lady Isabella
Hi Shade!!!! 3nodding
xErston Outwayx Report | 06/13/2018 7:37 pm
xErston Outwayx
Yet despite I find myself still with you all.... It's like I can't escape. Heh. I never really had friends before that probably why. Thank you Shade. For being there for me.
xErston Outwayx Report | 04/03/2018 10:00 am
xErston Outwayx
Shade... I have a question or rather a concern to address... It's about Metaknight. Do you think he'll ever pull himself together? After this trial I will need to leave for quite sometime. My nation needs me. I need to know if you'll watch over him for me. Of course I won't leave without celebrating.
Soren Galewind Report | 03/28/2018 5:47 pm
Soren Galewind
Sorry for the late reply. Glad to see your stuff back in order. Let's hope it stays that way right?
Dominus Alvin Report | 03/25/2018 8:45 am
Dominus Alvin
Thanks sweetheart. wink
Dominus Alvin Report | 03/19/2018 10:47 am
Dominus Alvin
Shadie my Lady. wink Thanks for the friends request. Here's to having a closer friendship. Hopefully you trust me now... I seem to have a knack for people thinking I'll turn on them. It's those 20 years as an Exodus spy I think.
Chibi Lady Isabella Report | 02/27/2018 11:23 am
Chibi Lady Isabella
Awwww that's great Shade. Y'alls did it!
xShadow Reborn Report | 02/26/2018 12:59 pm
xShadow Reborn
Yeah that's messed up.... to be honest I barely login here... I don't have the urge. I use my facebook and twitter mostly... sweatdrop
Vincent Leonhart Report | 02/26/2018 12:41 pm
Vincent Leonhart
I'm good G! What's up wit you?!
xErston Outwayx Report | 02/26/2018 12:35 pm
xErston Outwayx
Were you banned or just unable to access your account? Anyway regardless I'm glad you have it back. I'm sure you've taken the necessary precautions?