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I LOVE SEXBUTT Report | 10/28/2011 8:15 pm
Krirsye Report | 05/25/2011 8:54 pm
Why so mad, kid?

Krirsye Report | 04/28/2011 6:14 pm
It's one of those funny meta-episodes.

Angeladr7 Report | 04/28/2011 1:47 pm
I hope your neighbor is doing well now.
Ah cool you really got on to a fanfic kick lately! It's nice to have another hobby but sorry it combined with everything else is taking up all your time. sweatdrop

Omg SPN I'm guessing or some other fandoms?I nearly forgot about the crack vid, I have to go check it out soon.
See I've just been so preoccupied lately. This Easter we took my dad to the ER cuz his antiobiotics was giving him some bad side effects like Nauseousness and stomach cramps. They ended up admitting him and he just got out yesterday. Turns out his kidneys had started to fail which they reversed by doing emergency dialysis and monitoring his diet for a while. gonk

Haha wow sounds like you guys are in a lab somewhere! Bet it's a great hands on experience...err gloved-hands. XD

LOLZ what is it about these birds loving to bathe in their water dish? Ah whatever like you said, it's cute , funny, and weird. lol
That's such a rare color. I'm surprised the bird was still left in the parakeet pin. People often like to get the rare looking birds first.
ROFL So aggressive. rofl That's what Jody used to do. We have a plastic bird too except it doesnt sing though. She would peck it all day and she even pecked her reflection in the mirror.

Darn that is too bad. Well I guess you two will have to make the most of the time you can have together . Life really has a way of keeping people apart. User Image
aw really? I find it more interesting listening to long distance friends talk about new people and places I dont know about. I try to imagine how they are like. Especially if it's an boy a friend is currently crushing on haha.

Krirsye Report | 04/27/2011 7:20 am
Hey, Punky.

My friend and I are writing a meta-episode that takes place in my house.

Would you like to read it when she types it up?

Angeladr7 Report | 04/22/2011 1:17 pm
hmm partly class work, but really just havent felt like coming online lately. Havent really thought about it. I'm trying to come back on now because I have some art that's almost done and need to be on to pay the artist. Then I'll change my avi.

Ah I see. Seem like all the diseases that come from animals and infect humans are really serious. It turns into some kind of epidemic . The ones you've just mentioned created quite a scare and in the past Bubonic plague and in other countries West Nile ...very nasty diseases. gonk

Lol aw poor birdy. I used to try to give Jody baths in the sink a long time ago. I dont think she liked it much but she tolerated it. XD
Omgosh purple and albino, those are pretty rare colors. I've seen pics of albino parakeets but never actually seen a purple one. That had to be disappointing though. sad
Aw I know. Sicne it's a sign of affection, I'm glad they are getting along.

Speaking of bird baths and cuteness though, the other day I took my birds outside on the porch (in the cage of course) and one of them, Ryder, started hopping in his drinking water trying to take a bath. It was so funny. The other one tried to copy him and Ryder kept knocking her of so he could have the "bath water " to himself XD Mind you I changed their water when I got inside lol

Well it's great you found something that worked on it. It would be awful trying to push through and suffer from migraines

Aw I figured it was. sad Well phone calls are always good. But I know what you mean. When one of my best friends moved to Colorado we'd talk every week but then there wasnt much to talk about anymore except the good ole days in the past. And the calling times got stretched over and now we barely call each other, just text maybe . Idk it's hard to get so busy and grow apart. But I find you have more to talk about if you dont talk so often. Talking week to week: not much has changed. Month to month: you can talk for hours.

But anyhow she'll be back next month right? Is that for summer vacation? You guys will have a lot of catching up to do! biggrin

Lol well good thing for you then, about your dad.
ROFL about Mikey though! XD

Angeladr7 Report | 04/20/2011 6:12 pm
haha yea same story this time too. sweatdrop Havent been online in a week.
I dont know what that was though. Unless it's firefox doing that, but it never did that before. eek

Oh really? I just figured if a human was ill and contagious they could possibly pick up something. But if they can't that is actually a relief. sweatdrop

Lol what did she do that traumatized her so much?
Ah , yea it's best to start with a young bird when it comes to training.
Omg yea I've read about that. When you've had a bird in the family for a long while and try to put in a new bird, the other bird will get crazy jealous and dominant over the new addition. I've thought about getting a second bird when I had Jody, but I was always afraid she'd be mean to it, even before I read that. lol

At least this time I can start afresh with two bird who are already used to each other from the pet shop pen. It's so cute they act like siblings. Some days they are fighting each other over something and one gets mad and sits on a perch by itself, and other days they are all lovingly picking feathers from each others head. hehe

Whoa it must have been some pretty strong stuff it had a two pill limit. What was it called?

(Aw I bet you miss her a lot. Is this the longest you two have been away from each other?)
LOLOL Aww, well at least it was just your little brother and not your dad waltzing by out the shower with a towel round his waist or something XD

Krirsye Report | 04/20/2011 5:40 pm

Krirsye Report | 04/20/2011 5:31 pm
Krirsye Report | 04/20/2011 5:25 pm

(I haven't called you yet.)


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Is he like Sam/Jared -baby cute -charmingly adorable-seen hotter, but he's still hott, hott? or is he Dean/Jensen -sexy bad boy-damn he's fine-hott and he knows it, but not too into himself, hott?
-krystynnmari (my friend who kicks-a** at describing hott guys xd )

I LOVE POTC. I also LOVE Supernatural.
Maybe it's because of all these disturbing similarities, I feel the way I do:

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Evil women

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No one can resist the Harry Potter Fandom! twisted

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goodmorning sunshine mrgreen

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When Jack and Jensen are confused, I'm confused

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you know its true.

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Didn't anyone ever teach you boys about sharing???

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twisted Yes, Fear the fangirls! twisted

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You know things are bad when you start to envy inanimate objects.

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BOYS! Control yourselves!

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um... is that a trick question?

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freakish hat fetishes

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My fandoms have AWESOME rides cool

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Cats in the Cradle

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You shouldn't talk.

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Scared!Jack and Dean

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They're like children I swear...

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4laugh Sweet Dreams

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oh god... what did you guys do now?

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Yes... come to me my prey twisted

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rolleyes oh grow up!

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confused Guys? Where didjago?

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Gotta find a better spot to hide the liquor...

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eek I hope so!

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Ipod, Supernatural, POTC
My three loves united smile

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Holding out for a hero

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Thats ok, slash and wincest scares me too eek

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O_o code words.


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